Alexa Providing enterprise mobile programs to meet and exceed end user expectations: Stratix Corporation

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Providing enterprise mobile programs to meet and exceed end user expectations: Stratix Corporation

Providing enterprise mobile programs to meet and exceed end user expectations: Stratix Corporation

Developing a powerful strategy for enterprise mobile services can be very complicated. There are many threats that hinder an organization’s ability to leverage new mobile technology and to mitigate risks. To overcome the complications of deploying a relevant mobile strategy for an organization, partnering with an expert is very important. We introduce you to Stratix Corporation.

Stratix opened its doors in 1983, long before anyone envisioned a world driven by mobility. The company’s roots are founded in mobile as supply chain consultants with a vision to help businesses capitalize on technology to streamline their operations and increase productivity. As mobile technology advanced, it became the largest reseller of purpose-built mobile devices. The frequent release of innovative mobile technology and tools fueled its growth. The company continually adapted its business model to ensure we could always meet and exceed the mobility needs of its clients. Along the way it created key partnerships, expanded its capabilities, and added high-value enterprise managed mobility services.

Today, Stratix is the largest U.S. pure-play managed mobile service provider, a trusted, long-term advisor for leading Fortune 500 brands – many of whom have been with us since the beginning. For over 35 years, we’ve built that trust by delivering consistency – staying ahead of the market, evolving its services and pushing the limits to exceed expectations.

Pure-play managed mobility services

IT Professional Services: Stratix’s IT Professional Services team is outcome-driven, aligning your mobility program to the results you seek. First, the company identifies your user community with the use of personas, understanding that different support programs are needed for different end users. Then, it drafts a mobility blueprint plan that’s laser-focused on the precise deliverables you need to create a state-of-the-art mobility program. It is aligned with leading OEM partners to ensure the designed solution will meet your needs - exactly.

Custom Designed Products: Your business is unique. So, before Stratix designs anything, it gets to know your needs. It observes your employees at work, survey the environment, and identify your most critical mobility issues. Then its Specialty Products Group purpose-builds peripherals to meet the challenges and the unique visual design specifications that off-the-shelf mobile products can’t answer. All its custom products and accessories are drafted, prototyped and engineered in-house, efficiently and cost-effectively for easy deployment.

itrac360: Mobile Asset Management: itrac360 is a smarter way to create visibility around all your mobile assets. It pulls information from multiple systems for a comprehensive view that includes order tracking, asset location, help desk incidents, repair history, and more, going far beyond simple reporting. itrac360 provides a cradle-to-grave view of every device, from procurement, provisioning and activation to repair, technical support and decommissioning. And with itrac360’s built-in analytics, you get maximum return on your mobile investments.

Mobile Device Management: Stratix’s Mobile Device Management team supports your environment the way you want to run it. It handles the upgrades, updates and troubleshooting so your IT staff can focus on innovation and growth activities. Starting with a full review of your current environment and software functionality, its builds enhanced security and best practices to maximize your current environment or assist in migrating you to a new MDM/EMM platform.

Mobile Project Management: Stratix’s Projects teams fully understand every aspect of the mobile technology landscape. The company is trained to match your desired business outcomes to the best options available, and its experts will be there throughout the entire implementation process to get the job done. Best of all, it is laser-focused on success metrics; on-time delivery, quality and budget.

Superior Mobile Development: You built your mobile programs to support employee productivity and efficiency, so they can provide superior customer experiences. Any time wasted on devices that are not ready to go, properly configured for the end user – or that don’t arrive when expected – impacts productivity, satisfaction and usage. Entrust your mobile deployment to Stratix, from day one it delivers a stress-free mobile program tailored to every employee’s needs.

The company has built the industry’s most advanced, high speed Mobile Integration Center to stage and deploy your mobile technology, software, and accessories – at scale, on time, and on budget. Its automated, proprietary staging tools mirror your mobile environment real-time ensuring rapid and accurate execution when seconds matter.

Superior End-User Support: If your mobile devices stop working, so does your business. Its best-in-class support team quickly resolves user issues to keep devices active and to ensure continuous, effective and efficient business operations. It has the training, bandwidth and scale to be your dedicated managed mobility partner, so you can focus on running, improving and growing your business.

The company’s mobile help desk offers dedicated 24x7x365 mobile expertise and support that can scale to meet your business needs. Staffed by highly-trained personnel, it efficiently resolves issues for a wide range of hardware, software and business use-cases. This high-touch service is why the Stratix Mobile Operations Center continues to achieve the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

Meet Louis M. Alterman

Louis M. Alterman is the CEO, President, and also a member of the Board of Directors. Alterman brings over 20 years of executive experience in managed services with global technology companies.

Most recently, Louis served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Rackspace, a global leader in managed applications, data, clouds and security. Prior to Rackspace, he was with EarthLink, a nationwide provider of cloud-connected network services to over 750,000 businesses and consumers, in operational, financial and customer-facing roles, most recently serving as CFO.

Before EarthLink, Louis worked in a variety of roles at BellSouth (now AT&T), focused primarily on the company’s cellular/mobility growth in Latin America.

Louis serves on the Board of Careerbuilder, a data and technology company at the forefront of innovation to evolve the human capital management space, with solutions that help employers find, hire and manage great people. He is also a on the Board of the Ron Clark Academy, a ground-breaking and innovative institution which is transforming education around the world.

Louis earned a BBA in Finance from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia, where he was a Presidential Scholar, and an MBA from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University.

“We handle everything on-shore, providing our clients unique support programs with real-time visibility into their entire mobile device ecosystem.”

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