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PSI Logistics GmbH: Providing software for efficient logistics processes

PSI Logistics GmbH: Providing software for efficient logistics processes

There are many companies that provide Logistics solutions. For the global supply chains to work there’s always a need for Logistics product- that will help in third party logistics, freight forwarders and parcel/courier providers. A typical Logistics Software provider thus must be picked after a thorough research, considering the resources put in use for creating the Logistics product. High-value Logistics Softwares promote efficient management and increased productivity. In addition, it reduces the costs involved and grants customer satisfaction. This is where PSI Logistics GmbH comes in.

PSI Logistics was founded in 2001 as a 100% subsidiary of PSI Software AG. The PSI Group has been developing software systems focusing on transparent material flows and efficient logistics management for almost 50 years. They optimize the use of resources and enhance the quality and efficiency of the software products they develop. The company is based out of Berlin and has offices in Aschaffenburg, Dortmund, Poznan, and Moscow.

PSI Logistics offers software products that are the end result of all their work experience. They develop solutions constantly in response to changing requirements. PSI uses a four-phase model in their innovation process. Initially, during the start phase, they work closely with industry-leading pilot customers. They continue their journey towards meeting the customer’s needs of tomorrow by investing in research projects.

Technology behind the software

All of the PSI products use the current Java Technology to provide high-availability and scalable framework for their high-performance platforms. Softwares that are developed by PSI have a cutting-edge user interface and are updated regularly to enhance productivity. These softwares are flexible in nature and can adapt to meet the customer demands. Every day they have software releases on every system (PSIwms, PSIglobal, and PSIairport) on LogiMAT and PSI Logistics. 

The high-availability, scalable framework based on current Java technology forms the common high-performance platform for all PSI products.

PSI-Click-Design is a function based on the framework and offers customers self made customizing within the software.


The company boasts of its innovation coming from its research projects that they conduct in association with Fraunhofer Institutes or the TU Berlin and the RWTH Aachen. In 2016, they developed the base for an IT system that determines the effects of traffic and weather data on a supply chain in real time and if required displays alternative measures.

They also developed a first project in Artificial Intelligence in industrial applications in the airport area. The use of artificial neural networks optimizes automatic baggage detection based on high-resolution images from several surveillance cameras. High quality real-time detection and baggage tracking throughout the baggage handling process is guaranteed. For example, damage is automatically detected and logged.

Eye on Expansion

PSI Logistics wants its brand to become international. The company’s employee count is going up rapidly along with its efforts on expansion of strategic customer relations. The company is the industry leader in terms of logistics software already. In due time, innovation in new technologies will further pave the way to simplify the logistics of the customers.

Good job!

PSI logistics was declared the winner for outstanding brand management in Logistics and Infrastructure in the category of Industry Excellence in Branding. An independent jury would preside to adjudge winners among the 1,250 participating companies in the category of Industry Excellence in Branding. They announced winners for the ten best marketing strategies in the Logistics and Infrastructure cluster.

Logistics Tech Outlook, a well-known magazine from USA listed PSI Logistics GmbH among the Top 10 of the Warehouse Management Solution Providers 2018.

Meet the key executives

Dr. Giovanni Prestifilippo

Dr. Giovanni Prestifilippo has been Managing Director of PSI Logistics since 2013. Prior to being the MD, he was the Group Director and Board member at the PSI Logistics’ Dortmund location since 2008. He is responsible from shaping the development and marketing of PSI global product from the very beginning. At the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics he held a management position in 1993. He completed his doctorate on efficient algorithms in logistics from the Mechanical Engineering facility of Dortmund University. Dr. Giovanni Prestifilippo is associated with various research institutions such as FIR, Fraunhofer IML, Fraunhofer SCS, TU Berlin, as well as VDI, BVL, VDMA and GOR.

Mr. Sascha Tepuric

He launched his career at PSI Logistics as a technical project team leader, project manager and then product development manager. His influence in the development of PSI warehouse management product is huge. He was a big part of it by introducing innovative concepts and was the driving force behind the development. He took on the position of Group Director and Board member at the Aschaffenburg location in 2009. Later in 2013, he was appointed as the managing Director of PSI logistics. Sascha Tepuric is currently involved in the German Federal Logistics Association e.V. Mr. Sascha Tepuric has been a part of the logistics division of the PSI Logistics since 1994.

"We are very delighted about this prize and see it as an incentive to bring the PSI Logistics brand and the innovative scope of services in the PSI Logistics Suite more into the public eye."

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