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At Pura, we know that life is better when it smells good

At Pura, we know that life is better when it smells good

Home fragrances have the ability to enhance and elevate any mood while simultaneously creating an inviting and cozy ambiance. Even after returning home from a busy day at work, scent has the power to help you feel relaxed as it permeates your home space, body, and mind.

Fragrance has the ability to inspire love, improve health, celebrate new life, and pay tribute to memories and loved ones. Although it has been prized for years, we think the potential of scent hasn’t yet been fully appreciated. That’s where Pura comes in.

We want to harness the extraordinary power of aroma to boost the vitality of a location, express personality, and elevate moods and feelings. Pura is reinventing the future of fragrance with the use of smart home technologies, opening up the full spectrum of scent.

In conversation with Bruno Lima, Co-Founder and CEO and Mara Dumski, Chief Fragrance Experience Officer

Q. How did you get the idea or concept for the business?

My co-founder Richie Stapler and I have a deep love for fragrance and wanted to use it to improve everyday life. We knew it was a powerful tool that could be made more accessible, and we wanted to use smart technology to create a way for people to easily access fragrance and use it to its fullest potential.

Q. What are the company’s vision, mission, and collaborative style?

At Pura, we believe that life is better when it smells good—it’s the core of what we do. We want to give people experiences they love and remember, and we all work towards that goal in ways that are human, uplifting, remarkable, and simple. Every employee works by that standard and pushes toward creating positive experiences. 

Q. Do you employ an experienced, creatively versatile perfumery and evaluation team and does this team have knowledge of, and access to, an extensive fragrance library?

Our fragrance team is the best of the best. Mara Dumski, our Chief Fragrance Experience Officer, is one of the greatest in the industry, and we are extremely lucky to have her passion for fragrance and for making lives better. We also work with renowned fragrance houses and perfumers to create an extensive array of premium fragrances, curated to enhance your mood, home, and life.

Q. Does the marketing team offer insight into consumer and lifestyle trends?

Absolutely, we’re always looking into what our audience needs and wants, and tracking trends is a huge part of helping to create a space and life that people are looking for.

Q. What is Pura’s creative style? Do they foster a liberal exchange of ideas?

Everyone at Pura has a voice, and that is so important for fostering creativity and putting the best things out there. There are no limits, and we want to push boundaries in the best ways possible. We’re lucky to have a group of innovative and talented individuals who want to build a brand that really matters to people and makes a difference. 

Q. How do you build lasting partnerships with your clients?

We put our brand partners first, supporting and helping them to foster creative and innovative ways for people to experience their most loved fragrances. We like to see ourselves as their technology partner. It’s Important to us that we build positive relationships and bring the fragrance industry together in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Q. What is your best selling product and why?

The Pura Wall Diffuser is our staple product—that’s what our customers have really come to know and love. We’re very excited for more products to add to our lineup that will be coming this year, and to make improvements on what we already have. We also have some upcoming new partners and fragrances that people currently obsess over. There’s a lot to look forward to in 2023.

Q. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Pick something you love to do! Life’s too short to work on a problem that you’re not passionate about. If you truly care, you’ll be much more likely to succeed. Take risks and go for the vision that you want, and everything will work out.

Meet the duo

Bruno Lima

Originally from Brazil, Pura Co-Founder and CEO Bruno moved to the U.S. at the age of 9, where he quickly learned to appreciate hard work. From a young age he worked as a janitor to help his parents, and he used that drive and learned skills to create a commercial cleaning company in his 20s. Bruno graduated with a BA in Manufacturing Engineering Technology and has always been passionate about entrepreneurism, branding, growth, and improving customer experience. His innovative mentality and constant desire to improve landed him in the 98th percentile of leadership effectiveness across the entire country, keeping Pura ahead of its competitors and customer satisfaction at the top of the industry.

Mara Dumski

Mara Dumski, the Chief Fragrance Experience Officer at Pura, is known for her strengths in orchestrating fragrance and developing relationships. An Ohio native and lifelong performer, Mara received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Voice Performance from the prestigious music school at Indiana University, leading her to New York City to pursue her career. Her impeccable attention to detail and extremely trained senses brought her into the fragrance world, beginning at IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances), where she worked for 25 years. Learning from and working side by side with some of the best perfumers in the world, she was taught how to smell with her ‘musical ear’, discovering the connection between all of her greatest passions and driving that into her career. Mara has worked in fine fragrance, beauty care, personal care, and air care, and is largely ornamented with awards for her fragrances in all categories, with fine-tuned training to smell for skin and space. After connecting with others who shared the same drive and passion for pushing boundaries and creating art through fragrance, her belief in the industry and its potential brought her to Pura. Mara started with Pura in 2019 as VP of Fragrance to now Chief Fragrance Experience Officer, falling in love with Utah and the possibilities that scent has to offer in this unique aspect of fragrance.

“We’re unlocking the possibility of scent with smart home technology.”

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