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May Edition 2021

Qotient – Empowering Channel Sales Organizations through Just-In-Time Channel Enablement and Digital Pipeline Acceleration

Qotient – Empowering Channel Sales Organizations through Just-In-Time Channel Enablement and Digital Pipeline Acceleration

Sales is a competitive game, and to be successful, you must be a skilled and motivated player. The Vendors you work with invest heavily in Partner Training and Certification programs to educate you on the product and services they provide. However, these enablement programs do not enable you to engage in sales conversations in the field with your customers. Channel sales strategy helps building partnerships with third parties in order to get a wider reach for your product. Many start-ups and successful companies opt for this strategy to get their products into the hands of more end users. A channel sales strategy allows you to leverage the help of third parties to sell your products and services. Channel sales strategies are usually deployed as part of your business growth effort. With channel sales, a growing business can explore new income and revenue streams outside of and in tandem with their in-house efforts.

Qotient is one such platform that is revolutionizing channel sales by providing insights into resellers’ day-to-day activities. The company’s mission is to simplify, organize and optimize the world’s channel sales data. They do this through digital transformation, consolidating the platforms that salespeople use, incentivizing them to use its workflow, and collecting invaluable data and insights each step of the way. The Qotient Channel Engagement Platform helps partners to have better sales conversations, ensures consistent sales conversations for nurtured MQLs, gives vendors data about partner's activities and next steps, and provides vendors with the ability to deliver sales support quickly and efficiently.

Next-Generation Channel Sales Platform Offered by Qotient

Gamification: As you roll out your channel programs, Qotient Games takes channel engagement to a whole new level. Qotient has built a one-of-a-kind Games Engine that enables you to increase mind share within your Partner Network, drive more Partner engagement, and improve visibility into your partner's activities, pipeline, and revenue generation. Using the Games Engine, you can create competitive events to drive the outcomes that matter. You can invite your Partners to compete in Games to achieve these outcomes and win rewards. By executing Qotient Games in your Channel, you transform your Partners’ day-to-day activity into a fun, competitive, and rewarding opportunity to generate pipeline and revenue while delivering on what Salespeople love most about being in sales: winning and making money.

Q-Blog: Qotient Platform provides you and your Partners with unique insight and intelligence of what is happening in your Channel. Every value statement, every discovery question, every insight and supporting material that is used to execute a sales conversation is captured and measured for its impact in field. Using these metrics enables you to capture feedback from your Partners about what is working well and what needs improvement so you can succeed together. Qotient is designed for rapid deployment, and it does not require any complex integrations. Complimentary to your existing Channel technology infrastructure, Qotient extends the value of your existing Channel technology investments and places your marketing and product materials in the context of the sales conversations your Partners are having in the field.

Qotient Metrics: It gives you and your team the confidence they need to generate more pipelines faster. Through Vendor-sponsored campaigns (Qotient Games), your team executes sales conversations that generate the recognition and rewards that keep them motivated. You and the Vendor gain access to real-time analytics that gives you full visibility into your team's sales activity and the capability to get the Vendor support you need to succeed. With a platform that gives you game-changing insight into the execution and outcome of sales conversations in real-time. It helps channel Managers understand how to drive engagement within their Partner portfolio and how to leverage the visibility into the sales conversations and outcomes to increase pipeline and revenue generation for their Partners.

John De Los Reyes, Chief Executive Officer of Qotient.

“At Qotient, we are passionate about developing next-level technology that specifically addresses the challenges of selling through the channel.”

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