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A simple yet powerful control panel for cloud servers: RunCloud

A simple yet powerful control panel for cloud servers: RunCloud

RunCloud is loved by the global community, from individuals to multinational corporations. All the achievements would not have been possible without the solid team who is strong and passionate about bringing forth the best solution that is much needed.

RunCloud simplifies cloud

They are on a mission to enable beginners and experts to be comfortable with using cloud, taking away the frowns by doing away with the intricacies of cloud management and bringing smiles through simplicity. In turn, you can focus on business performance sans the stress of laborious mobilization.

Values to live by

Everybody on the team shares the same vision: To make cloud management easy for everyone, whether you are at the beginner or expert level. The company also strongly believes that by instilling these six core values in each of their fellow members, they can cultivate a healthy working environment with great camaraderie among their members.

Dependability: For every single task given to them, they will always place quality as the topmost priority. Each of them readily contributes to solid ideas as well as collectively working hard towards bringing out the best quality in each endeavor.

Honesty: Their honesty and integrity are manifested in the product where they believe that their customers are always right and in turn, the company can count on them to give honest feedback.

Creativity: RunCloud always strives to come up with the best approach to overcome challenges when building RunCloud. RunCloud’s ingenuity is not only reflected on the design, but also during problem-solving times whenever they face any obstacles.

Positivity: Some misfortunes are just inevitable in our human lives. But the positive mindset will not let them suppress the company from bringing out the best in them and taking RunCloud to greater heights.

Consistency: RunCloud drives at a steady momentum in achieving the best quality when working towards every objective. Slowing down is not an option when chances of improvements are at stake.

Efficiency: When you have a global team spanning across the continents, efficiency, speed and skilled coordination play a big role when it comes to serving satisfied customers in more than 100 countries.

An autopilot for server

Optimized configurations and best practices for your servers? You can either leave them to us if you are not up to it or tinker with your servers to your heart’s content.

Automate server configuration

With just a few clicks of a button, server configuration is automated with the best configuration (tailored by us, no less!) to handle any traffic, saving you time and trouble.

Painless PHP configuration

No more fumbling through the thick manuals just to install PHP. With RunCloud dashboard, you could even easily configure and manage the NGINX and Apache2. In fact, your Web Applications can be configured to different PHP versions.

Hassle free SSL/TLS security

RunCloud offers a 1-click installation of free SSL/TLS by Let's Encrypt, or any of your chosen custom providers. Wildcard SSL by Let’s Encrypt is also available if you have multiple subdomains. The company also configures your SSL to comply with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and NIST.

Wait! RunCloud has more to offer

Secured panel: Connections between RunCloud and its customer’s servers are encrypted using a secure 2048-bit key with SHA256 message digest algorithm.

Multiple PHP versions: Your Web Applications can be be installed with different PHP versions even though they sit on the same server.

Backup: Backup your server and data then easily restore them on any server.

Hard disk cleaner: A function that helps you to automatically clean your server’s hard disk from logs and cache, essential for space-saving.

Pre-installed services: Your server comes pre-installed with a set of highly recommended modern server software components, so you don’t have to manually install them.

Multiple user access: Assign multiple users with tiered privileges, perfect for when you have a big team with different job scopes.

Atomic deployment: With atomic deployment, any deployment, upgrade or migration done will be transparent to your users as there will be zero downtime.

Faster page load: Brotli compression allows your Web Applications to serve less data than before, ensuring your site visitors enjoy the fastest possible page load speed.

Team management: Share resources and work collaboratively to achieve a common goal, without having to share a single login credential. Never work in silos! Always work in packs, with a group of people with different skill sets, towards a greater purpose.

Eliminate downtime during deployment

Zero downtime deployment: Deployment is done in the background. Once completed, it will atomically switch to the new codebase seamlessly.

Deploy to multiple servers: Stealthily scale out your website, ensuring uninterrupted browsing experience for your customers.

Innumerable files? No problem! Best method for high-traffic websites especially when you have countless files to deploy.

Arif Tukiman, CEO & Co-Founder

“Our optimized dashboard allows for quick tweaks from a single interface. Pioneering user experience at its forefront.”

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