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Serving the complex needs of enterprises and service providers: Abiquo

Serving the complex needs of enterprises and service providers: Abiquo

Ever since organizations started to understand the true power of cloud-computing benefits like profitability, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency, the adoption of hybrid cloud is on the continuous demand. However, it’s been observed that many businesses lack the clarity on cloud strategy. They don’t know the right hybrid cloud strategy to implement and maintain which suits their needs. To help with the same, Abiquo, a leading developer of Hybrid Cloud management solutions, delivers the industry’s leading cloud orchestration software for service provider clouds; its cloud management platform allows customers to quickly build and monetize cloud services, whilst managing hybrid, private or public cloud infrastructure from one intuitive portal.

 Abiquo serves the complex needs of enterprises and service providers as they advance their virtualization implementations into cloud services, adding value through greater efficiency, visibility, simplicity and control. Many leading managed service providers have created cloud services based on Abiquo's software, differentiating their services with integrations to network, storage and backup solutions.

True Hybrid Cloud

Abiquo’s Hybrid Cloud Management solution is the foundation for a true hybrid cloud service. Managed service providers, ISPs and managed hosting providers can create a cloud service with their choices of compute, network and storage, and blend with the public cloud services that their customers demand. Enterprise CIOs can use the same great solution to become an internal service enabler, improving the agility of their businesses while retaining control.

Build your True Hybrid Cloud with your choice of VMware ESX, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen Server and Oracle VM hypervisors, OpenStack and vCloud Director private clouds, and Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, SoftLayer, DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace, CloudSigma and Elastichosts public clouds.

Deep Integrations

Combine your choices of hypervisor, private cloud platform, Docker, public cloud provider, compute, network and storage resources to create a True Hybrid cloud platform for your business and customers to consume.

Abiquo provides your business with a unified, flexible, self-service hybrid cloud platform that manages, controls and automates the delivery of resources and services, managed and metered consistently no matter what underlying infrastructure you choose.

  • One place to deploy, control, measure and interact with hybrid clouds.
  • Covers dedicated hypervisors, Docker hosts and Public Cloud providers.
  • Create blended service offerings.

Inherent Security

Abiquo’s powerful, role based access control scope integrates with your existing Active Directory or other LDAP compliant services and is developed around the Spring Security Framework.

Over 50 privileges which can be grouped into defined roles and scopes which determine the areas that a role can control over your cloud resource. System-wide controls allow you to enable or disable features as you see fit, enabling you to build a differentiated service which meets your customers’ needs.

  • Roles define what a user can do.
  • Scopes define what a user can manage or access, such as a list of templates, tenants or infrastructure.
  • Combine these to create service offerings, reseller users or delegate control.
  • Use standard roles or define new ones.

Powerful API

The Abiquo API provides full control of all Abiquo functions. This means you can perform every function, from user and security control, to provisioning new VMs, to gathering information on any system element through the API – all controlled by the same privilege, roles and scopes security model. An example would be to integrate your order management system to automatically create Enterprises, Users and a Virtual Datacenter for a new customer, or to update capacity limits when a customer increases their order size.

  • REST API drives all functions – Abiquo’s GUI uses the API exclusively.
  • Outbound events drive external system activity.
  • Backup and Workflow APIs are part of the core API, use XML data structure for integration.
  • Combine inbound and outbound to add business value.

Develop hybrid cloud services

Build a unified catalogue of application blueprints and image templates and Abiquo converts between them on the fly, and lets you move between different datacenters and up to public clouds and OpenStack. Allow your customers to easily consume your service in a controlled, simple way. Drag-and-drop creation of new VMs and complete applications reduces the need for training and gets your sales team and your customers started in minutes!

Simplify your configuration management through powerful integration with Chef, cloud-init and guest customization. Build your own SaaS marketplace, appliances and service templates or add value to public cloud templates and set pricing levels across Public and Private clouds, applications and services and other resources within your hybrid cloud.

  • Deploy VM blueprints, VM templates and Containers from a managed service catalogue.
  • Reserve resources for tenants.
  • Manage network allocation.
  • Show “look forward” pricing.

The Abiquo Difference

Delivering the True Hybrid cloud is Abiquo’s core business. Install your own on-premise Abiquo environment and manage hypervisors such as VMware ESX, Hyper-V, KVM, Oracle VM and XenServer, with any storage technology your hypervisor supports, alongside platforms including OpenStack and vCloud Director, public clouds from Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, DigitalOcean, Google and more – then design your application infrastructure and deploy it to any of your chosen clouds. For the ultimate in flexibility, add solutions from Abiquo partners: SDN from VMware with NSX, workload mobility and scaling from Cloudsoft, and image building from uSharesoft.

Meet the man behind the success of Abiquo

Ian Finlay is CEO at Abiquo, leading the company to deliver value to customers and shareholders. Ian brings unique insight to Abiquo having implemented the software whilst at Claranet, where he held the role of Chief Information Officer, Claranet Group – Western Europe’s largest independent Managed services provider. Prior to joining Claranet, Ian was CTO of ControlCircle, leading a team of 50 to design, develop, deliver and support a range of networking and managed hosting services and maintaining data centre facilities across Europe and in Singapore. Before that, he held the position of Vice President of IT and Business Systems at Interoute Communications, where he led a worldwide organisation of more than 60 staff to drive business agility, productivity and customer service through innovative technology solutions focused on business priorities.

“We effectively remove the barriers in building, deploying and operating the cloud infrastructure.”

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