Alexa Shamrock Consulting Group: Trusted Technology Partner of Top CIOs
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Shamrock Consulting Group: Trusted Technology Partner of Top CIOs

Shamrock Consulting Group: Trusted Technology Partner of Top CIOs

Enterprise IT Decision Makers around the world regularly face the difficult task of improving their company’s network through technology procurement and digital transformation. These processes are pivotal in improving a company’s network regularly. Although many consultancies claim to be the best at technology procurement and digital transformation, Shamrock Consulting Group truly excels at it.

Shamrock Consulting Group was founded in 2008 by Paul Cooney. At the time, there was a growing need in the industry for an independent direct sales agency, and Shamrock fulfilled this need perfectly. Shamrock’s core business is to facilitate procurement, onboarding, and adoption of thousands of products related to telecommunications, wide area networking and connectivity, cloud computing and data center/colocation.

Shamrock’s work has been widely recognized with numerous industry accolades. The company has evolved into an award-winning consultancy capable of selling the most advanced technologies on the market to enterprise clients who operate on either a national or global scale. Shamrock has managed to do this while adhering to the same values they began with and that itself is a high achievement.

Customer First, Always

Shamrock prioritizes their clients first and foremost. They are completely vendor-neutral, which enables them to work with any provider in the industry. Because of this approach, they have a great insight into the market, and they act as a reliable source of comprehensive analysis, research and advice for their customers. They guarantee the best price on any product from any provider, anywhere in the world.

While every opportunity is unique in its own way, Shamrock employs a tried and true process to deliver the most value to their customers.

First, they develop a full understanding of a customer’s network environment, architecture, and specific business goals and requirements

Then, they research, analyze and deduce the best available options to present a comprehensive market overview while highlighting the pros and cons of each optionand cons of each option

Next, they secure the floor pricing from the providers and negotiate the best contract terms on the market Finally, they manage the entire lifecycle of each deal, from adoption and procurement to installation and renewals

A great place to work

Shamrock’s CEO, Paul Cooney, knows that the best decisions are made by fostering a culture of accountability and inclusivity. That’s why everyone at Shamrock has license to voice their opinions openly, and each employee is directly responsible for both the direction and success of the company.

To help foster team continuity, Shamrock often does events, lunches, happy hours or retreats together. Further, the company encourages its employees to improve their skills and product knowledge through conferences, workshops, and certifications. This uniquely positions Shamrock employees for long-term success. The team at Shamrock are a close-knit group of individuals who genuinely like and support each other, which is rather rare in a competitive sales environment. Moreover, Shamrock places great importance work-life balance. Employees are judged solely on their work; beyond that they’re free to build their schedules in a way that works best for them.

One of the best things about Shamrock is its flexibility. The market changes so rapidly that it leaves many companies playing catch-up. Shamrock, though, has been around for over a decade now and continues to thrive because they find strength in their adaptability. Simply put, Shamrock is nimbler than its competitors and their provider portfolio is undisputedly the strongest in the entire marketplace.

Shamrock has saved their customers over a $100 million on their IT spend to date thanks to their close partnerships with every top provider and their access to special provider pricing. If you’re looking for the best pricing and contract terms available on technology products and solutions for your business, they are definitely the partners you should be talking to!

The Shamrock Pioneer

Mr. Cooney is an industry veteran who has a vast knowledge of the telecom sector. His experience in Telecom helped him establish Shamrock Consulting in 2008.

Before starting Shamrock Consulting Group, Paul was a Sales Manager at AT&T. He started out as the Senior Account Executive and rose through the ranks to become a Sales Manager, leading a team that was responsible for $70 million in annual revenue for the company.

Prior to working at AT&T, Paul was a Major Account Executive for Level 3 Communications in Boston and a Senior Account Executive at Telligent before that.

Mr. Cooney has a BSBA in Marketing and International Business from the University Of Richmond- Robins School Of Business.

Industry Recognition

Shamrock Consulting Group has been widely recognized by numerous online and print publications such as LA Times, TechCrunch and Forbes. Furthermore, they have received the prestigious CP360 Award for Consulting Excellence three years in a row: 2016, 2017 and 2018.

“We facilitate procurement, onboarding, and adoption for thousands of products related to Telecommunications, Wide Area Networking (WAN) & connectivity, data center and cloud.”

“We’ve saved our clients over $100 million to date.”

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