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Sharetheload International Journeying into the future of logistics

Sharetheload International Journeying into the future of logistics

We all at some point in our life have needed a parcel service, and chances are you’ve already paid a hefty sum of money to avail the service. But what if there’s a new method that could revolutionize the whole industry? Sharetheload International entered the market with such a formula, something known as peer-to-peer parcel delivery.

The idea behind this is quite simple. For instance, if you wanted to send a parcel to your family in the United States and by coincidence your colleague from the office is visiting the U.S the same week, wouldn’t you just ask him to take the parcel with him instead of relying on a parcel service who charges twice or thrice the actual amount?

This is exactly what Tarek Mohamed, Founder and CEO of Sharetheload International envisioned as his service when he started Sharetheload. Sharetheload allows users to send intercity, domestic and international parcels with travelers on the same route as their destination through a convenient and efficient process.

An Industry disruptor is born

All great ideas are born out of need and the story of Sharetheload is no different. Frustrated and disappointed with the parcel delivery system, Tarek Mohamed took on the problem and started working on various economic models and conducted tireless research to bring his vision to fruition that would transform the world and ensure effective parcel service.

After many failures and valiant attempts, Tarek began building his empire in 2016 which now stands on the core values of trust and guarantee which he never compromises on. He did not shy away from the technical aspects. In fact, he learned web development and languages all by himself so that it would enable him to oversee the product getting built.

How it works

Sharetheload works in a way which allows users to send intercity, domestic and international parcels with travelers on the same route as their destination. This happens through a process in which the senders have to post a project on Sharetheload by entering parcel weight, pickup and delivery location, and the desired date of delivery.

Sharetheload makes it easy for the traveler to carry the parcel as he can filter the jobs by looking at the weight and km base. This enables the travelers to only take up orders that they can carry. The company offers three transport modes such as air, land and train which helps senders set filters on how they would like their parcel to be transported.

The company is thorough in its vision and thus implements several layers of security such as identification, verification and authentication methods which are cross verified with the state-of-the-art facial recognition technology. Also, the GPS and tracking capabilities allow the senders and receivers to pinpoint the exact location of the parcel. All of these processes enhance trust in users and helps them stand out from the traditional players and competitors in the field.

Battle against the frauds

Sharetheload has a very distinct policy and it combats illicit substance with the help of screening processes that cross verify the parcel using an exterior method. By using this method it ensures the safety of the contents of the parcel. Tarek says that the level 3 security screening and x-rays which are mandatory at all airports verify the contents and items of the parcel.

The need for Healthy Relationships

Tarek’s perspective on the world is interesting as he hopes to restore positive connections and trust in a world that is broken and fighting over materialistic wants. He is optimistic about people and believes that when people are interconnected within a web of trust they can actually deliver better results.

The Road Ahead

The founder of Sharetheload has faced several hurdles in his journey. But he managed to raise a total of 60,000 AUD from various sources including his savings and disability support pension in order to fulfill his vision for Sharetheload. He came close to giving up his dream too but what kept Sharetheload afloat was the belief of the investors and the employees.

Tarek now envisions a world without disparities and with this model in his mind; he designed Sharetheload where people essentially help each other and build new friendships. Just like music that binds people temporarily, Sharetheload is working towards building an ecosystem that can provide a permanent solution in the logistics industry.

About the powerhouse

Sharetheload International was the brainchild of Tarek Mohamed who is the Founder and CEO of the company. The idea to kickstart such a distinct company originated when Tarek encountered a situation where he had to wait for more than 2 weeks for an express delivery from the United States. Tarek found a hidden opportunity and decided to pursue it which today has grown into Sharetheload.

We asked Tarek some questions

How does Sharetheload encourage innovation?

We are open for innovation and encourage this. If we come across any idea or an idea is submitted to us, we implement it. The customer gets reimbursed for his idea or gets an offer to join our team.

Have the thoughts of giving up ever occurred to you? How do you push through the tough times?

Of course, I did think many times about giving up but those who believed in me - the investors and the employees always give me the motivation to work. Whenever I need motivation, I think of names – of my investors or my employees– who need me to deliver. This helps me get through whatever I am going through.

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