Alexa Sift is the leader in Digital Trust & Safety, empowering companies of all sizes to unlock revenue without risk
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Sift is the leader in Digital Trust & Safety, empowering companies of all sizes to unlock revenue without risk

Sift is the leader in Digital Trust & Safety, empowering companies of all sizes to unlock revenue without risk

Built with a single, intuitive console, Sift’s end-to-end solution eliminates the need for disconnected tools, single-purpose software, and incomplete insights that drain operational resources.

The Sift Digital Trust & Safety Platform does what other fraud tools can’t, adding connected data, adaptability, and intelligent automation to every aspect of risk operations.

Sift mission: Help everyone trust the internet

Sift believes trust and safety are fundamental to every online interaction. As the pioneers of Digital Trust & Safety, they help more than 34,000 sites and apps navigate the fine balance between growing revenue and protecting their business.

The company believes users are innocent until proven guilty. A business’s good customers should never be turned away or made to jump through hoops. They make it easy for companies to remove friction and delight their customers, while keeping bad actors out.

Sift believes legacy technologies are holding businesses back. They were the first to use machine learning for fraud prevention, and their customers see the results every day. The speed, accuracy, and scalability of their solution is unrivaled.

The time to change is now. Customer expectations are higher than ever. Competition is fierce. Fraudsters innovate and scale as fast as businesses. That’s why thousands of websites and apps, from digital disrupters to Fortune 500 companies, partner with Sift.

One solution customized for your needs

Fight fraud with confidence: Outpace competitors and lead your industry. Sift's patented technology and fraud strategies enable businesses to improve chargeback rates by 70% compared to industry averages.

Win on your terms: Sift meets you at your point of need and adapts as your business evolves so you can stay flexible. Say goodbye to rigid review practices, disparate point solutions, and unclear decisioning.

Innovate with a trusted partner: Stay ahead of the changing payment ecosystem with Sift’s trust and safety experts, payments specialists, and product innovation to meet the evolving needs of your business and customers.

The Digital Trust & Safety Platform: Your single solution to complete, flexible, and easy fraud prevention.

Snuff out spam and scams at the source

Automate fraud detection and prioritize cases: Reduce manual review with automated decisioning, and give analysts the bandwidth to focus on complex cases. Easy-to-build Workflows help you identify fraudulent users faster, with Queues that serve up new cases automatically.

Secure user content and quickly spot scams: Easily identify phishing scams and spammy text, investigate related content, and take bulk actions to maintain platform integrity with real-time Text Clustering. Discover new trends, improve accuracy and efficiency, and catch duplicate content not detected by user-focused ML or text filtering.

Manage all aspects of account security with a single solution

Unmatched accuracy, speed, and adaptability: Identify and act on potentially compromised accounts with unmatched accuracy. Enhanced, sophisticated feature extraction and real-time data fuel an unbeatable combination of ML and customizable, rules-based insights.

Customizable fraud prevention built for your business: Stay fast and flexible even as your business expands into new markets. Deploy new configurations with confidence, and simplify trust and safety across customers, geographies, and languages with models tailored to your specific business needs.

Accelerate growth and operational efficiency with Sift Connect: Seamlessly integrate your fraud stack with best-in-breed technology partners using Sift Connect. This ecosystem of apps and open APIs features platforms like Zendesk, Jumio, and Onfido that add improved data accuracy and efficiency to fraud operations.

Apply Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) at the right time

With Sift, you can apply SCA when it’s needed and remove it when it’s not with their built-in routing capabilities. Direct transactions to the best experience based on whether they’re in scope of PSD2 or if an exemption applies.

Accept more orders and increase conversion rates

Sift’s accuracy ensures your legitimate orders go through without friction. Leverage their transaction risk analysis to maintain low fraud rates, and request more low-risk exemptions up to higher exemption thresholds. Stay compliant and keep conversion high.

Stop sophisticated ATO attacks before they happen

Handle large-scale, bot-based account attacks with ease and confidence using a full suite of built-in multi-factor authentication (MFA) tools. Instantly identify account takeovers at login with intelligent automation powered by Sift’s real-time machine learning models.

Digital Trust & Safety for Payment Service Providers

Sift enables PSPs to protect revenue in every aspect of their business. With merchant management tools, flexible integration capabilities, and insightful reporting, the payment community is prepared to fight fraud for any transaction. Bolster your acceptance rates, reduce manual review, and improve chargeback outcomes for your merchants.

One fraud solution, multiple ways to engage: Serving various merchants on a single platform is complex, and requires a flexible fraud prevention strategy. The Sift Digital Trust & Safety platform ensures you’ll be able to protect your merchants even with limited order details—creating an efficient, low-touch fraud management experience that fuels growth for you and your merchants.

Chargeback operations made easy: Manage all dispute operations from one intuitive console so you can make data-driven decisions with in-depth insights. Stay organized with customizable tags, filters, and analyst assignments.

Customizable chargeback management built for your business

Intelligent automation: Get intelligent response recommendations from the first-ever chargeback solution to use real-time machine learning to identify missing evidence.

Customized solutions: Get a flexible solution with the right blend of automation, self-service, and managed services tailored to your specific business needs.

Industry expertise: Sift partners with you at every step to offer dedicated support and unmatched expertise in the ever-changing chargeback landscape.

Intelligent fraud management made simple

Secure every aspect of fraud detection and management from account authentication to dispute response. Build flexibility and accuracy into trust and safety operations. Streamline decision-making, review, and execution with intelligent automation.

Complete and comprehensive solutions: Focus on high-impact cases and sessions that directly influence key decisions and revenue. Fuel explosive growth and create smarter security strategies that prevent payment fraud, account takeovers, spam, scams, and chargebacks.

Flexible and transparent automation: Adapt to changing market conditions as they shift with automated decision-making. Build and manage custom fraud logic, and create processes that help you decrease fraud and elevate your revenue growth strategy.

Easy and intuitive risk management tools: Lower pressure on analysts and increase productivity with streamlined manual review and automated risk management. Track performance and make data-driven decisions from a single, complete platform.

Get custom-tailored support for your specific needs

World-class support: From integration planning to onboarding, data configuration, deployment, and execution, Sift provides the technical support you need to get up and running quickly.

Trust and safety experts: Build your fraud strategy with expertise from Sift’s Trust and Safety Architects with over 50 years of combined fraud knowledge at the world’s leading companies.

Complete protection and increased flexibility

What drives growth for retailers also increases the risk and impact of fraud. Digital Trust & Safety protects every step of the user journey and fuels growth, all while streamlining operations and improving the experience for legitimate customers.

Stop fraud losses proactively: Credit card, gift card, and other types of payment fraud lead to chargeback fees, lost inventory, and customer mistrust. Block fraudsters before the point of transaction, reduce chargebacks, win disputes, and protect your customers automatically.

Streamline operations: Manual review is accurate, but it comes at a major cost. Sift’s industry-leading machine learning ensures that orders from trusted customers are approved faster, and resources aren’t wasted reviewing clear cases of fraud.

Eliminate false positives: Stop damaging loyalty by blocking legitimate customers. Leverage actionable analytics and insights to reduce false positives, and protect your business from fraud without hindering growth.

Future-proof fraud prevention: In-store or online, threats are constantly evolving and stand in the way of truly Unified Commerce. Lean on machine learning informed by a global data set to ensure you are prepared for every type of fraud and abuse, including BOPIS/BORIS/BOPAC and promo abuse.

Jason Tan, Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Jason co-founded Sift in 2011 after a career as an engineer at startups. He’s passionate about great projects and people, and is constantly challenging himself and the Sift team to be better.

“Sift is the leader in Digital Trust & Safety, empowering digital disruptors to Fortune 500 companies to unlock new revenue without risk.”

“Sift lets you customize logic as market conditions change and stay flexible with industry-first features and capabilities.”

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