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Strikepoint Media is a full-service performance marketing agency specializing in media buying, lead generation, and customer acquisition

Strikepoint Media is a full-service performance marketing agency specializing in media buying, lead generation, and customer acquisition

Strikepoint Media is built on a vision: to become the most well-known and respected brand in all of marketing by driving more sales and revenue for businesses than any other agency in the world. The company’s mission is to help their clients attract and acquire more customers, turn those customers into super customers, and those super customers into lifelong raving fans of their business. The company does this by placing Strikepoint’s Values at the forefront of every decision they make and every campaign they oversee.

Areas Strikepoint concentrates:

Financial publishing: Strikepoint Media was born from the financial publishing industry. They help publishers who provide financial information, insights, and news get their newsletters and content in front of millions of traders and investors.

Trading & investing: Strikepoint’s industry-leading publishing network of more than 100 partners gives their clients access to more than 1.5 million traders and investors who are looking for the guidance and mentorship your service can provide.

E-commerce: E-commerce success is about more than a great product. It’s about putting the right product in front of the right audience at the right time. That’s where the company shines. Let Strikepoint team improve your e-commerce sales and conversions while you keep building great products.

B2B: Business to Business buying cycles are getting longer and more complex, with 90% of B2B buyers looping back and repeating at least one or more tasks in the buyer’s journey. Effective B2B campaigns are based on finding the right audience and building trust through consistent engagement until they’re ready to buy—which just happens to be one of the company’s specialties!

Financial advisors: Strikepoint helps financial advisors find your perfect client by putting you in front of the ideal audience based on your specific criteria, so that they connect you with the right people, not just the “right now” people.

Investor relations: The company helped multiple clients take their companies public, and can do the same for your business. They blend finance, communication, and marketing into a seamless user experience that gets investors to know, like, and trust your company -- and then invest in it.

Core values

People Come First: Always. Collaborative, open and honest relationships are the key to real personal and professional success. Always seek to do good by others. The best investment in business is the investment in people.

Deposit More Than You Withdraw: Seek to give more than you take in business and life. Start every relationship by striving to exceed expectations. Be significant in the lives of the people to serve. Seek to create value at all times.

Raise the Bar: Strive to be a better you daily. If we are not growing we are dying. Keep pushing yourself and your team members. Constantly strive to set a higher standard and create a culture of excellence.

Win Even When We Lose: Recognize that greatness can only come by learning from your losses as well as your triumphs. Find the good in the bad and build on both.

Results Rule Period: Always keep the end in mind. Set goals and achieve them. No egos, just results. Be consistently objective and purpose-driven at all times.

Q. What makes Strikepoint’s traffic better?

They are a quant based booking system that leverages the power of data to help you reach the perfect audience for your offer. Their data matched with their marketing expertise creates an almost unfair advantage for their advertisers. They work closely with your team to ensure your offer is positioned in the best possible way to make sure you attract the right person at the right time.

Solutions that drive results

Strategy: Strikepoint provides a custom Digital Marketing Playbook built specifically to help you create a repeatable, scalable, and profitable digital marketing strategy.

Media buying: Driven by data, the company invests your media budget in a smarter way that gets you seen by the right people, in the right places, for the highest ROI.

Web design: Your website is the first place your prospects are looking. Strikepoint makes sure it’s optimized, compelling, and converts better than your competition’s.

Funnel building: Your sales funnel leads your customer through their journey, from awareness all the way to purchase.  The company will build your ideal funnel to maximize sales and revenue for your business, in a way that’s repeatable, scalable, and profitable.

Email marketing: Get smarter about when, where, and how you send emails. It’s the highest ROI channel and yet so many brands don’t know how to use it effectively. But done right, it works wonders—and Strikepoint shows you how.

Paid media done better: Rockstar results require rockstar performance and that’s exactly what Strikepoint delivers. From Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Google Ads, Gemini, LiveIntent, Native, and more, the organization has expertise and experience in every major digital channel. They can help scale your budgets, lower your cost per acquisition, reach more audiences, and drive more revenue for your business.

Branding: The look and feel of your brand can be one of your biggest competitive advantages. Strikepoint develops visual assets that not only show the best side of your brand, but emotionally speak to your ideal customer.

Affiliate marketing: Allow Strikepoint to create and manage your affiliate programs or tap into third-party affiliate networks and scale your offer across virtually any digital channel—email, paid search, and beyond.

Strikepoint’s all-inclusive media buying program

From unlimited ad creative to custom reporting dashboards, Strikepoint provides their clients with everything they need to run profitable campaigns that scale. The biggest benefit of an all-inclusive media buying partnership is SPEED. They can get you up and running faster and more cost effective than other agencies. And if you’ve ever bought media then you know that marketing loves speed.

They charge a flat fee or flat percentage of spend per month based on your monthly media spend. In exchange for that fee, we provide the following services:

Creative: Unlimited Ad Creative (Static & Video) Landing Page Design & Build Out Copywriting

Leadgen: Account Structure Development Campaign Development Media Planning

Acquisition: Test Strategy & Execution Tracking Implementation Tools System Integration

Scale: Optimization Campaign and Platform Management KPI Setup and Monitoring

Type of ads Strikepoint runs

Dedicated email: A full dedicated email ad centered around 1 single advertiser

Sponsorship ads: 100% Text based promotion easily integrated into existing newsletter formatting. In-newsletter CPC sponsorship placements are an excellent way to monetize an existing newsletter list without the opt out risk and cost of sending dedicated emails.

Coreg ads: Capture your ad spend back within 60-seconds of generating a lead. Get highest payouts on your proven traffic and access the best performing offers in the industry.

Push notifications: These come in the form of desktop-based notifications, therefore bypassing any spam inbox or filters. There is massive historic engagement and can be used to share your own content and/or promotional offers.

Native email ads: Leverage your brand assets to convey messaging in a way that feels natural and seamless within email content.

Leadcart: A new revolutionary co-reg experience exclusive to Strikepoint Media.

Meet Jeremy Blossom, CEO

Jeremy Blossom is the Co-Founder and CEO of Strikepoint Media, a leading direct response advertising agency specializing in driving sales and a revenue for businesses with aggressive growth initiatives. Strikepoint is quickly becoming a rising star in the ad industry and building a reputation of delivering highly effective marketing strategies and executing highly profitable sales campaigns. Jeremy's primary role involves working directly with clients to develop customer acquisition marketing funnels and advanced marketing campaigns designed to drive massive sales. From strategy and creative to the build-out and implementation, Jeremy ensures each client is delivered real measure results that grow their businesses.

Prior to co-founding Strikepoint, Jeremy spent nearly 10 years in the trading and investing industry which included him having roles such as; marketing director of a commodities trading firm, principal of a hedge fund specializing in derivatives, and owning his own boutique investment advisory firm that specialized in tactical asset management. His experience in managing high-network portfolios and marketing to affluent investors has helped shape Strikepoint’s approach to acquiring customers in quantifiable and measurable way.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Jeremy made is his way to California after starring in three reality TV shows on MTV, including Road Rules South Pacific 2003, the Inferno (2004), the Gauntlet II (2005). Currently, he resides in Orange County, CA and enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids.

“We blend finance, communication, and marketing into a seamless user experience that gets investors to know, like, and trust your company -- and then invest in it.”

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