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The Women’s Collection delivers an engaging female-focused, comprehensive financial literacy and investment program

The Women’s Collection delivers an engaging female-focused, comprehensive financial literacy and investment program

Whatever stage of life women experience, they will have to face difficult financial choices. The Women’s Collection (TWC) is here to help women make those choices less difficult. By joining this community, women gain access to an exclusive suite of tools and solutions that will guide them towards the financial future they desire.

The Women’s Collection develops content that educates women on how to wisely make financial decisions that are right for them as well as their families. The program offers online and offline educational learning programs; combined with events and additional information sources to support women build their confidence.

TWC also provides an online investment platform designed for women that offers support and guidance throughout the investment decision process. This goals-based platform enables women to put their learning into action.

The company focuses on three pillars:

Knowledge: Topical and life event focused financial education that prepares women to effectively manage all aspects of their financial health.

Enablement: Connecting and supporting women as they endeavour to attain financial strength and independence.

An investment platform designed specifically for women which will give them the tools they need to put their learnings into action.

Here are more details: Knowledge: The education

TWC uses best-in-class e-learning techniques to engage and support women in a relevant way. The online content is customized according to the needs of every woman.

“We believe that by filtering the learnings into relevant and digestible components, our audience will effectively learn from the information,” says Farhan Hamidani, executive partner at The Women’s Collection.

Community: The collective

By joining The Women’s Collection, for free, the platform provides women with a vast collection of resources and opportunities to connect. Online social forums and networking and educational events bring like-minded women together to share their stories and experiences. The platform also provides women with podcasts, webinars, articles from high profile experts and even special offers.

TWC quotes, “TWC provides a comprehensive, female-focused, financial literacy and investment program designed to empower and engage women who want financial freedom and independence. It helps women gain the knowledge they need to define and realize their personal and family goals. TWC aspires to become a trusted partner to and advocate for women who are looking to identify and act on the inherent power they possess.”

What does The Collective include?

Articles: In the categories of Personal Finance, Financial Planning, Investing, Wellness & Lifestyle, Career, Tax and more.

Podcasts & Webinars: Money & Wealth Podcast Series, Special Speakers Series, Podcasts for Financial Professionals and other topics of interest.

Resources: A number of resources to accompany the learning acquired, from budget worksheets to detailed guides and e-books and other professional tips to support financial well-being.

Wellness & Travel: Exclusive offers and opportunities for TWC Members, including a vast number of wellness and well-being breaks and trips.

Enablement: The robo-platform

TWC has partnered with SmartMoney Capital Management Inc. to deliver an online digital investment platform designed by women for women that will enable them to take the lessons they learn and put them into action. Goals based, this investment platform allows women to specifically target their investments. 

TWC delivers:

Financial Literacy: Elevating financial decision-making confidence of female investors and consumers via online learning and focused education.

Community: Supporting and guiding women with wealth, wellness and well-being goals. Providing networking opportunities to connect like-minded women.

Empowerment: Providing women with the resources and tools they need to put their learnings into action immediately.

Rewards: Rewarding women for investing in themselves by aligning engagement with existing well utilized reward programs.

Corporate Solutions

The Women’s Collection has created a powerful platform to truly engage and educate women offering a suite of services, strategies and solutions that help organizations support the empowerment and education of women. Some of the available solutions include:

  • Financial Wellness Program Design & Implementation
  • Digital & Social Marketing Services
  • Sales & Business Development Training for Financial Advisors
  • In-Person Training & Events
  • Marketing & Brand Positioning Services
  • Custom Content Curation

TWC’s key goal

The organization’s goal is to deliver a female focused, comprehensive financial literacy and investment program designed to empower and engage women who want financial freedom and independence.

Embrace the persuader

Tuula is a financial services and wealth management senior executive with 23 years of extensive experience domestically and internationally. She has successfully managed various retail, commercial and corporate businesses for a major Canadian financial institution.

She has pioneered and led a number of advancement of women initiatives throughout her career and is passionate about empowering women with their finances and financial futures with a keen focus on increasing female financial literacy rates around the globe.

Tuula holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and an International MBA from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto. She has also earned the ICD designation from the Rotman School of Management Corporate Directors Program.

What Tuula Jalasjaa, Founder, has to say…

“The Women’s Collection is an exclusive, multifaceted program designed to empower women to make the right financial choices. The program combines education, networking, tools and resources, as well as a Digital Investment Platform developed and designed for women by women.

Our goal is to educate women on basic to advanced financial strategies – and to empower and enrich their lives by providing them with the knowledge, the tools and resources and a community of support to feel confident that they, and their loved ones are well taken care of - making things simpler, accessible and rewarding!” 

“TWC has a vision to be the top provider of financial education, financial empowerment and financial wellness for women globally.”

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