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Titaniam’s advanced Data Security Platform utilizes encryption-in-use to make your data immune to compromise

Titaniam’s advanced Data Security Platform utilizes encryption-in-use to make your data immune to compromise

Titaniam is the industry’s most advanced data protection and privacy platform. Deployed as a Vault, API, Proxy, or Plugin, Titaniam delivers NIST FIPS 140-2 level security at all times, without loss of functionality. Enterprises rely on Titaniam for day-to-day privacy and compliance as well as strong data protection during ransomware attacks.

SAAS data protection

SaaS providers are the keepers of their customers’ valuable data and must do everything they can to provide strong data protection in the face of cyberattacks and ransomware, while at the same time maintaining the feature set that their customers know and love. 

Titaniam gives SaaS providers critical capabilities necessary to survive in the current threat climate:

  • Encryption-in-use for back end customer data
  • Data cannot be accessed or decrypted by SaaS employees, administrators, or other personnel
  • No impact on end user experience or application functionality
  • The industries richest BYOK capabilities where customers own and control their own keys

 Enterprise data security and compliance

Enterprises face a new attack every 2 seconds. In order to keep valuable data safe from compromise during these attacks, they must expand coverage far beyond traditional tokenization, data masking, and encryption-at-rest. The new kind of protection must be retained even if attackers get in with privileged credentials or with the help of trusted insiders.

Titaniam gives enterprises a platform to expand coverage to all important data even if it needs to be manipulated and analyzed so that enterprises are not limited by the restrictive nature of tokenization and traditional encryption. 

  • Four interoperable products to apply encryption-in-use to any type of cloud, on-prem, or hybrid architecture
  • These cover all major ways to plug into data stores and applications and also for stand-alone capabilities
  • Nine privacy preserving formats with granular application to downstream apps and users
  • Supporting the flow of protected data across the enterprise and between systems
  • Providing visibility and evidence of encryption in attack scenarios, as well as compliance and audit reports

Titaniam Features

Encryption-In-Use: Titaniam delivers FIPS 140-2 level encryption to data at all times including while it is being used. Zero clear text.​

Fully Usable Data: Protected data can be fully searched and analyzed – term, prefix, suffix, wildcard, ranges for all types of data​

Automatic Compliance: Data flows in 9 certified formats including encrypted, tokenized, masked, redacted, and valet. Full audit logs.​

Flexible Architecture: Protect your data where it is or isolate it into Titaniam’s petabyte scale vault. Cloud or prem agnostic. Modern or Legacy.

Third-Party Data Control: Use the company’s advanced BYOK and Valet features to control your data as it resides with partners and suppliers.

Fast Easy Deployment: Use Titaniam’s platform and a combination of their Vault, API, Plugin and Proxy to build your solution in hours.

Data Entanglement

Data Entanglement from Titaniam is the only practical and scalable, data-in-use protection solution that enables search and analytics without the use of clear text. Built on top of known cryptographic techniques, Data Entanglement provides an extra layer of obfuscation for the privacy and protection of sensitive data.

Full Spectrum of Protection

  • Data Entanglement – For sensitive data that needs to be indexed for searched, analysis, and aggregation
  • AES Encryption – For sensitive data that does not need to be indexed and can be retrieved via exact match
  • Format Preserving Encryption – For sensitive data that does not need to be indexed for search and is required to conform to specific formatting
  • Format Preserving Tokenization – For sensitive data that needs to be transacted but not searched and needs to be retrieved at a later time
  • Masking – For sensitive data that needs to be available for processing but either fully or partially masked when returned
  • Redaction – For sensitive data that should not remain in the dataset and is not required for subsequent processing


Securing enterprise search

Conducting search and analytics on vast quantities of data requires the indexing and persisting of this data in clear text inside enterprise search platforms such as Elasticsearch and OpenSearch. These platforms are the perfect targets for data hungry ransomware and extortion actors, who either look for misconfigured clusters or steal admin credentials. 

Titaniam is finally here to put an end to all that. Here is how they use encryption-in-use to neutralize all such attacks:

  • Titaniam Plugin enables sensitive data to be indexed and searched while still retaining FIPS 140-2 certified encryption at all times.
  • Titaniam plugin retains rich search capability
  • Titaniam comes with a rich key management infrastructure including index specific keys and keystore integrations (thereby enabling BYOK), field-level key derivation and integrations to major key vaults.
  • Titaniam doesnot trade off search performance for security

Securing object stores

Object stores like Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and Google Cloud Storage are among the top breached systems of all time. These systems are so powerful and versatile with a broad range of configuration options that more often than not customer end up misconfiguring these and leaking valuable data. In addition, many, if not all, do not offer the granularity or flexibility to manage data protection at the file level. This means that admin access to these buckets yields massive amounts of data and consequently admin compromise can lead to disaster. 

Titaniam provides enterprises with a proxy that provides strong and versatile protection for object stores

  • Proxy based encryption and decryption in and out of Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and GCS
  • Customer owned BYOK at scale. Keys can be applied at the individual file level and held in external customer owned key vaults across clouds or on prem
  • Policy based data decryption or release. This can be plugged into existing RBAC
  • Encrypted search for data stored in the object store

“Bring your own key” for SAAS offerings

With data breaches on the rise and ransomware actors playing the extortion game, SaaS customers are demanding that providers encrypt their data. In addition, customers are asking to bring their own keys with which to encrypt their data. This functionality abbreviated BYOK, is fast becoming a basic security and privacy requirement for SaaS offerings. 

Titaniam provides the industry’s richest BYOK infrastructure that SaaS providers can leverage to immediately uplift their security posture and meet challenging customer demands:

  • Titaniam enables the encryption of SaaS data in all three stages of the data lifecycle: at-rest, in-transit, and most importantly in-use
  • Titaniam also allows SaaS customers to bring their own keys with which to perform the encryption
  • Further, customer keys can reside in their own key vaults that can be across clouds or on-prem
  • Titaniam facilitates the use of customer supplied keys across multiple datastores and applications
  • All BYOK functionality is offered at a granular field and file level across structured or unstructured data

Arti Arora Raman, Founder and CEO

Arti is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur who combines intelligence, creativity, and strong process with exceptional people skills. She has worked with complex enterprise software for over 20 years including information security, risk management, financial performance management and CRM. Arti is currently working on a cybersecurity startup. In 2000, Arti and Dr. Edward Lazear (Chief Economist, White House 2006-2009) founded Liquid Engines, a financial performance management system that is used by F500 firms. Liquid Engines was acquired by Thomson Reuters. In 2004, Arti was the first woman to be honored with the Rosenthal Award for outstanding contribution to the field of investment and finance. She is an excellent presenter and regular speaker at industry events. Arti is a fearless and motivating leader who consistently inspires employees to deliver at their best and pushes organizations to meet market challenges. She is highly recommended by colleagues and will make an immediate impact on any organization or venture she is part of.

“Titaniam offers auditable evidence that valuable data retained encryption throughout an attack.”

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