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TPx Communications: Premier Managed Services Provider

TPx Communications: Premier Managed Services Provider

Businesses all over the globe depend on a reliable IT infrastructure to deliver the best products and services to their clientele. But the technology landscape is consistently innovating and changing, making it imperative for businesses to have the right managed service provider (MSP) guiding and helping them with their IT challenges and strategies. Few, if any, IT and communications solutions providers offer what TPx Communications can. Founded in 1998, the company has delivered high-value technology services to businesses for more than 20 years.

Like the technology landscape itself, TPx has undergone a major transformation since its beginnings. The company began as a competitive carrier serving businesses in California and Nevada and was able to achieve growth amid considerable ups and downs. The downs included the Dot-Com crash and a recession that wiped out most companies like TPx. Thanks to a relentless focus on customer service, TPx didn’t just survive those trying times, but thrived. Today, TPx is one of the nation’s premier providers of managed IT services—delivering high-touch, high-value services that free business and IT managers to focus on strategic business initiatives.

One vendor to manage it all…

TPx provides managed IT, unified communications as-a-service (UCaaS) and network connectivity to more than 50,000 customer locations across the United States. Access to leading technologies in affordable and customizable solutions is a marketplace equalizer, delivering big-business benefits to companies of all sizes. TPx delivers best-in-class solutions from a best-in-class portfolio that includes VeloCloud, Silver Peak, Cisco, Broadsoft, Fortinet, Poly, Arbor Networks, Datto, Microsoft and others, as well as the company’s own proprietary solutions and infrastructure.

“Our solutions are built to provide enterprise-level quality and customization without an enterprise price tag,” says TPx President and CEO Dick Jalkut.

TPx’s fully-managed service offerings and broad product catalog are true differentiators in the marketplace. And thanks to nationwide services and aggressive service level agreements (SLAs)backed by a 100-percent uptime guarantee for UCaaS paired with TPx’s managed SD-WAN solution, businesses can confidently turn to a single-source solution, whether they have one location or one thousand.

In recent years, SD-WAN has become a true game changer for TPx customers because of the sheer range of use cases it fulfills. By leveraging SD-WAN and state-of-the-art operations facilities, including a Security Operations Center (SOC) headed by former Department of Defense (DoD) officials, TPx can deliver services like managed security, managed network and managed communications on a nationwide basis without having to provide a circuit to ensure quality.

“Since TPx has been in the access business for many years, we’re experts at designing, delivering and maintaining networks,” says Jalkut. “This enables customers to trust us with their critical voice and IT needs while also leaning on us for the key access enabler.”

The growth story continues…

TPx remains on its high-growth trajectory-especially for managed IT, unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) and contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS). All of these services are in high demand and growing at double-digit rates.

“Market momentum, coupled with TPx’s increased success rates in selling and delivering these complex solutions, and doing so on a national basis, will drive growth,” says Jalkut.

For example, TPx’s new CCaaS offering, launched this year, already has gained considerable traction with mid-market customers looking for attractive UC-and-contact center hybrid solutions. Additionally, managed firewall, endpoint and backup are becoming a more common ingredient in overall managed IT solutions. These trends dovetail with the company’s unique value proposition that delivers highly scalable, customizable and comprehensive solutions under a single provider’s umbrella.

Meet the leader

Dick Jalkut, President and CEO

With more than 35 years in telecommunications, Dick Jalkut has had extensive experience in senior executive roles and startups. Prior to joining TPx, he was the President, CEO and Chairman of NYNEX Telephone Companies, where he led a successful merger with Bell Atlantic.

As the visionary leader of TPx, he has overseen acquisition and integration of multiple companies. He has personally driven the organization’s customer service focus and led its transformation from a telecom services carrier to an award-winning managed services provider with annual revenues of nearly $700 million.

TPx’s SD-WAN solution

TPx’s SD-WAN solution, MSx for WAN, is a fully-managed, subscription-based service that maximizes any customer’s existing bandwidth resources. It provides quality of service (QoS) over any WAN connection and increases the performance of mission-critical applications. It also supports any transport type (Ethernet, Fixed Wireless, TDM, DSL, cable and 4G LTE) on any network, regardless of service provider, including the option to “bring your own bandwidth” (BYOB) for national off-net connectivity. This gives distributed organizations turnkey entry and delivers a unique feature set to an increasingly popular networking solution.

“TPx’s managed IT, communications and connectivity services empower you to put your attention back where it belongs – on your business.”

“Unified communications and collaboration solutions empower your team to stay connected with customers, partners and each other.”

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