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Tracker is fully integrated applicant tracking system plus recruitment and staffing software

Tracker is fully integrated applicant tracking system plus recruitment and staffing software

Over the last 15 plus years, Tracker has developed into a leading cloud-based Recruitment, Applicant Tracking and CRM software provider serving the Recruitment Industry.

Tracker’s culture of ‘Relationships First’ keeps them focused on building a platform that helps recruitment firms build better businesses by building better relationships.

Tracker’s vision is to help recruitment and staffing firms grow their businesses by using Tracker to build better relationships and to run their operations more effectively–the end result being the ability to build better relationships and increase growth and profitability.

Q. Why was Tracker built?

Like all businesses, Tracker was looking for the best possible software to run their own recruitment company efficiently and profitably. They couldn’t find it, so they built Tracker.

Over the last 15 plus years, they have developed Tracker into a leading cloud-based Recruitment, Applicant Tracking and CRM software provider serving the Recruitment Industry.

Q. Why Choose Us?

Recruitment & Applicant Tracking: Tracker’s fully integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) enables your recruiters to source candidates, nurture and match applicants, and make more placements. 

Sales & CRM: Tracker helps you build better client relationships, generate and qualify better leads, and manage your entire sales pipeline through to delivery.

Marketing & Automation: Amplify your marketing efforts for recruitment and sales with branded email and text campaigns, drip campaigns, sequences, and workflow automation.

Sourcing & Job Boards: Seamlessly integrate your free and paid job boards with Tracker for in-app sourcing, matching and automated external job board distribution and posting.

Collaboration: Enable collaboration between internal and external teams through Tracker’s inbuilt video interviewing tool, big screens, and Tracker’s internal Chat feature.

Back Office: Build better onboarding and assignment management with online timesheets, custom candidate portal, accounting system integration, and more.

Reporting & Dashboards: Gain a holistic view of recruiting and sales performance (while empowering business decisions) with real-time, customized dashboards & reports.

Vendor Management & VMS: With Tracker’s rules based parsing of Job requisitions and Auto-Match technology you can be pro-actively sourcing and reacting to Jobs 24/7.

Support & Success: With a number of ways to get in touch, Tracker takes pride in their ability to understand your needs and help with questions or problems.

Q. Why automation by tracker?

  • Reclaim Zillions of Hours by Automating Tasks & Communications
  • Save All the Money Because Automation by Tracker is Included in Tracker
  • Increase Speed to Market, Reduce Time to Fill, and Make More Hires
  • Build Better Relationships with Candidates, Clients, and Your Employees

Q. How Tracker Supports Corporate Recruiting

Tracker offers end-to-end recruitment software solutions for Corporate Recruitment and HR Teams, helping you source, recruit, and onboard highly qualified candidates for your open positions.

With the vast set of tools available to you in Tracker, you have everything you need to source candidates and manage applicants. From seamlessly publishing your jobs to your website to sharing your job posting out across job boards and social media, the company makes it easy to get your job req’s out to your target talent.

The company also takes the headache out of sourcing with their integrated Job Board Search as well as their free LinkedIn Extension, which is quickly becoming the platform of choice for sourcing talent. Tracker works seamlessly with LinkedIn Basic, Premium, Recruiter Lite and Recruiter Studio so regardless of your level of subscription, you can quickly turn LinkedIn profiles into Candidates.  

Once your applicants are in your pipeline, tracking and analytics are a breeze with visual card views, custom dashboards, and more. You can even keep your candidates engaged and moving through the process with a click by using Tracker’s automated email and workflow sequences.

Recruitment & Applicant Tracking Features

Job Management: With the company’s varied views of job pipeline and their numerous list widgets, your users and managers can keep up to speed easily.

Resume Sends: Take the pain out of reformatting resumes during registration or in-line in the shortlist with their specialist resume send features. 

Resume Parsing: Using the most sophisticated resume parsing technology, build comprehensive candidate profiles and history in seconds. 

Candidate Search: With over 80 filterable fields, full Boolean and Semantic search, and radius geo-coding, you can always find candidates quickly. 

Skills Profiling: Skills Profiling in combination with ranked Boolean searching allows for easily attained, highly targeted results with auto-coding.

Long & Short listing:  The company’s long and shortlist function is core to their workflow with unrivaled functionality meaning users can do everything from one place.

Job Board Post: Save your team hours of time each week by not having to author and post to multiple job boards and process applicants in the inbox.

Job Board Search: Search your favorite job boards alongside your Tracker Candidates from one screen and one results list, all de-duplicated and ranked.

 David Alonso, CEO and Co-Founder

David worked in recruitment for many years before starting TrackerRMS. His passion for creating long lasting and fun relationships allowed him to grow from a junior recruiter working at a tech firm, to running his own successful recruitment business in one of the toughest markets in the world.

“The power of Tracker is in the fact that every conceivable piece of information about your business and how this information relates to each other is held within a single application.”

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