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November Edition 2020

Tresorit – Providing end-to-end encrypted collaborative and storage solution

Tresorit – Providing end-to-end encrypted collaborative and storage solution

Almost all of us like to keep our files safe and secure. While in earlier, days people used to keep separate external disks to keep essential files locally. Now, there are many online cloud storage options, which keeps your files safe and secure. The cloud services have robust and multiple storage options that prevent any user data from getting deleted.

However, in the market of numerous online storage solutions, one can't trust each solution, although it's free. Personal data is important, and everyone wants to keep them safe. Here comes end-to-end encryption. Reputed cloud service providers, like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Dropbox, and Box, already have server encrypted protection to all the files you upload. The employees working at the data centers can't access them. But, an interesting cloud storage company, Tresorit, has something unique which separates it from others. Apart from server-side encryption, it also employs client-side encryption, which adds extra protection to your files.

The Tresorit Advantage

Every year, we hear the news about a server getting compromised. Many major security breaches and vulnerabilities come from reputed tech giants like Facebook, Apple, Google, etc. People's trust in tech giants is already broken. Most customers feel they can no longer trust companies with their data. Corporate and client information is too sensitive to store and share with Dropbox, Box, Google, or OneDrive.

Tresorit uses shareable client-side encryption and server-side, which protects data during storage and access and across all devices. The server-side encryption means that, before you upload files, it is already encrypted by the software on your device with powerful AES-256 encryption. Tresorit also uses HMAC message authentication codes applied on SHA-512 hashes.

While collaborating remotely over the files, users can share protected files and folders with others, work together on them, and keep the documents synced and secure in every step of the process. Tresorit also claims that it does not store user's authentication data, so even local government agencies can't force Tresorit to provide details of the file content. This is one of the most important driving factors of people trusting the company.

Secure external collaboration

Tresorit provides ultra-secure collaboration tools for businesses with which you can enhance file sharing, security, and virtual teamwork while effectively facing remote working challenges. The collaboration tool is designed with external collaboration over the cloud. Tresorit is well capable of integrating with any existing solutions your company uses. It offers you the best remote working tools, so you never have to worry about your clients' and partners' data ending up in the wrong hands.

Tresorit enables you to manage employees remotely effectively. The detailed reporting, including activity tracking and customizable security policies, with which you get every detail your secured data over the cloud. With this feature, you no longer need to worry about the misuse of your data. You can send files and folders using secure links to your encrypted cloud. You can also revoke access with just a few clicks if it ends up in the wrong hands by mistake. Tresorit offers integrations with Outlook and Office365 so that you can share OneDrive with external users securely.

With Tresorit, you can create a secure and compliant company portal for all kinds of client communication. It allows you to set up virtual data rooms, with which you can control user permissions, disable file downloads, fine-tune security settings for shared content, and provide an audit trail.

Encrypted storage and backup

Tresorit provides you with up to 2,000GB of encrypted online storage per user for all your important files and documents. It also has a basic free plan which offers 5GB of secure file transfer. However, the highest Enterprise plan can be customized depending upon the needs of your organization.

Tresorit's storage system is already GDPR ready. As Tresorit doesn't have access to your encryption keys or to the personal data you manage in your files, even if their servers get breached, no one could read your personal data. As a result, the 72-hours data breach notification requirement doesn't apply. By preventing these types of data breaches, you can avoid fines up to 4% of your global annual revenue. Tresorit offers its service across almost all devices including, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Web.

About the CEO

Istvan Lam is the founder and CEO of Tresorit and one of Tresorit's sharable encryption technology's main inventors. He completed his Computer Engineering degree at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE), specialized in cryptography engineering, with excellent grades.

He is one of the inventors of Tresorit's patented, sharable encryption technology. He is a passionate cryptographer since age 12 and was recently featured by Forbes as one of the 30 most notable Tech people under the age of 30 in Europe. During his studies, he worked as a student-teacher at BUTE, teaching calculus, probability theory, and C programming, and worked in CrySys Laboratory at BUTE, doing research on the security of distributed storage systems. Between 2008 and 2010, he was also the CEO of Future Office Network Kft.

"Tresorit is a Swiss, end-to-end encrypted, zero-knowledge content collaboration platform designed to safeguard the digital valuables of individuals and organizations with the highest classification in the cloud."

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