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vCom Solutions - Complete IT Spend and Lifecycle Management

vCom Solutions - Complete IT Spend and Lifecycle Management

The IT companies spend a lot on managing several aspects like hardware, cloud, networking, and connected services. The management of IT expenditure can vary a lot. Depending upon the scale of the company, the company can overspend on the management of resources. vCom Solutions is a complete IT Spend and Lifecycle Management program that connects assets, vendors, and spend across technologies, vendors, and locations. vCom helps companies get jobs done across all aspects of IT management. From planning & procurement to operations management and expense management, vCom helps you save money, save time, and gain insight. As complexity increases, there is less and less bandwidth to get anything done. vCom centralizes and streamlines administration across technologies, vendors, and locations.

Founded in 2001, vCom is part of the Enterprise Technology Management Association and is a member of the AOTMP Industry Council. The company continues to thrive and flourish in San Ramon, California. vCom Solutions has been revolutionizing how technology expenses are managed. They have been leading this quiet revolution for 19 years, delivering the products, platforms, and people to manage their customers' business technology and deliver visibility, control, and cost savings.

A complete IT spend & lifecycle platform

The vCom Solutions has an intuitive platform to keep track of all your business management. A beautiful dashboard available on any device puts insight and information at your fingertips. Metrics and data to allow you to evaluate your current network expenses and play "what if" games by comparing the existing cost to other options available to you. You can compare products from hundreds of service providers across hundreds of technologies; quickly and efficiently in order to identify the solution that best meets your needs. All contracts, service orders, exhibits, and vendor communication are centralized, easily accessible, and linked to the corresponding IT assets. The platform provides a detailed order management to track daily changes, service delivery, vendor dispatches, inside wiring, and hardware shipment. Alternatively, you can log into their web portal or mobile app any time for the latest status, specifications, or notes.

Unlimited complimentary access to expert services

vCom Solutions, you write RFPs, evaluate vendors, negotiate contracts, monitor outage status, address billing issues, and more. From networks and hardware to SaaS, they help you source vendors, get quotes, manage RFPs, and get you set up. Their team will collaborate with your IT team to put together a blueprint of your current technology architecture and help design a new architecture that achieves your business goals. vCom can automatically pay provider invoices, so you only have to worry less. vCom's expert resources will audit your monthly invoices against contracted rates and account activity and manage any ensuing disputes on your behalf. Their team of cost assurance specialists has millions of dollars and shielded customers from thousands of disputes that plague invoices annually.

VCom's Professional Services team works with your Accounts Payables team and your ERP provider to build a custom-file that matches your AP System requirements. No longer manually upload charges by cost center; the AP File is created within moments of the invoice being loaded into vManager and can be easily delivered to your AP system.

vManager Mobile App

Remaining connected to smartphones is always easy. This can be the easiest way to manage your IT environment. IT, finance, and operations leaders increase efficiency and save costs while managing their IT infrastructure from procure-to-pay. Even if the employees are on the go, they can update and can follow up easily with the vManager Mobile app, available for both Android and iOS. You can search inventory and invoices, review and approve contracts, communicate with tech support – just some of the features enjoyed by businesses nationwide.

About the Founder

Gary Storm is the President, CEO, and Founder of vCom Solutions, Inc. In 2005, vCom Solutions was ranked as the #1 Fastest-Growing Private Company in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2006, vCom was ranked as the #51 Fastest-Growing Company in the United States (Entrepreneur Magazine). Mr. Storm has worked in the telecommunications industry for more than 15 years. Prior to founding vCom Solutions in 2001, Gary was the former President & CEO of Networld Communications.

Under his leadership, Networld made the Inc. 500 list as the 62nd fastest-growing private company in America. He successfully led Networld's second round of funding that enabled Networld to introduce its Hosted IP Telephony service, which was later spun off into a separate company, CallTower. Mr. Storm is on the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement of Northern California and also The First Tee of the Tri-Valley. He is also on the Board for COMPTEL. Mr. Storm received a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Berkeley.

"vCom was built on the premise of midmarket organizations saving money by optimizing buying power. Our wholesale "Buyer's Club" offers low, pre-negotiated rates across myriad services and providers."

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