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Vivial: Growth augmented by easy-to-use and affordable local marketing technology

Vivial: Growth augmented by easy-to-use and affordable local marketing technology

Technology and customer behaviors continue to evolve with the changing times. This is making it hard for the small businesses to make direct connections with customers in real-time. They require innovative and groundbreaking solutions to reach their customers with ease. Vivial has been helping such businesses with its solutions for over a century to achieve this.

Vivial was founded in 1910 and has been one of the very few companies on the globe to have been in the marketing space for over 100 years. Being an innovator in the space, Vivial has been providing the latest solutions and services to local businesses which help them connect with their consumers.

In 2016, as the marketing technology industry was emerging, growing and shifting in response to new customer behaviors, Vivial took the opportunity to establish a new category in the martech industry. The company became known as a community of the best-of-breed technologies and talented people working to simplify the process and help businesses find, reach, and build loyalty with customers. “Ultimately, we work behind the scenes so that our clients can focus on running and growing their business,” says Chairman and CEO of Vivial, Jim Continenza.

Digital marketing is not a one size fits all experience. Each business is built on a unique business model and has different marketing needs. Vivial’s full range of marketing solutions, including content marketing, social media management, text messaging service, mobile-friendly websites, and the latest local search products ensure high rankings on Google and other search engines. These products and services meet each client’s specific needs and budget.

Helping local businesses

Local business owners are always busy. They need to focus on the task at hand – running their businesses and servicing customers. These business owners have to deal with dozens of calls every month for advertising services. But such businesses usually partner with one or two agencies to boost their marketing efforts. The Vivial Marketing Platform makes this possible for them as it can manage their online, mobile, and social marketing. Moreover, Vivial’s on-demand service team is always ready to provide the right tools along with the needed service so that businesses can effectively manage their marketing. The company has quintessentially changed the game for the local businesses by streamlining the complete marketing process.

One of the key reasons for Vivial’s success is that the company has stayed true to its mission since they began over a century ago. The company has always looked to help its customers grow their businesses, through easy-to-use and affordable local marketing technology, and also through custom marketing campaigns.

Focus on Excellence

A major differentiator between companies in this space is the team that is behind the products. Jim Continenza says, “While we strive each day to provide seamless, turn-key digital marketing solutions to our clients and partners, what really sets us apart is our dedicated account team who works around the clock to provide human support to the businesses we work with every day.”

This means that the business owners have a dedicated account coordinator who oversees the entire program, from monthly performance monitoring to project management. “Each business we service is unique, and its marketing needs vary so we match our products and services to meet a client’s specific needs. Offering this individualized support is a true differentiator,” says Continenza.

The company has offices located throughout the U.S. and prioritizes having an exceptional culture for the employees. Vivial provides a stimulating and fun environment for its workforce wherever they are. Besides, the company also offers a comprehensive benefits and compensation plan to encourage their employees.

Such fantastic initiatives to keep the employees happy during their journey at Vivial are something that has earned the company many plaudits. They have been honored as a Best Place to Work multiple times by the Dayton Business Journal, St. Louis Business Journal, Hartford Business Journal and the Hawaii Business Magazine for their offices in each location.

Meet the leader extraordinaire

Jim Continenza, Chairman and CEO

An innovator in the marketing technology (martech) industry, Continenza is responsible for the strategic vision and charged with leading a team of more than 650 individuals across 20 markets—from Anchorage to Honolulu to the Big Apple.

He began his career as a sales representative and rose through the ranks in multiple technology and telecommunications companies to gain expertise. Today, he serves on several boards. He is the Chairman of Board of Merrill Corporation, LLC and Sorenson Communications LLC. He also serves on the board of directors at Nextel International, Inc.

“We help businesses of all types increase their visibility using turn-key solutions, allowing our customers to get back to running their business while we work behind the scenes to get them results. 

“Your business. It’s what we’re all about.

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