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Vivolor Therapeutics Inc. Award winning memory and healthy aging supplement backed by science and nature

Vivolor Therapeutics Inc. Award winning memory and healthy aging supplement backed by science and nature

A staggering 7 million Americans are living with dementia, according to recent estimates. Due to the ageing of the population and the fact that dementia is now being diagnosed at younger and younger ages, this figure is projected to skyrocket in the years to come. Dementia is characterized by persistent memory loss over time. Although memory loss does not always lead to dementia, most people experience a gradual or sudden decline in their memory as they get older.

Many assume there’s nothing they can do about memory loss. However, the numbers are shifting quickly. Because she is part of a sizable movement that is altering the public’s understanding of how the brain works, Susan Gibson is featured on our list of the 20 Best Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023. Susan has devoted her life to understanding the research on memory loss and developing effective treatments. She is a pharmacist, functional nutritionist, and Harvard Business School graduate. There are a lot of myths floating around about memory, and this interview clears a lot of that up by citing recent clinical studies and evidence.

Vivolor Therapeutics, Inc. is a peak cognition company that provides nutraceuticals and education for fending off memory loss and brain degeneration. Vivolor’s products have benefited people of all cognitive abilities, from those with healthy memories who want to maintain them to those with early memory loss and even those with severe cognitive impairments. Susan regularly appears as a guest on TV, radio, webinars, and podcasts to discuss dementia prevention and natural memory retention.

In conversation with Susan Gibson, President of Vivolor Therapeutics

Q. After more than 30 years of business experience, what prompted you to start Vivolor Therapeutics?

I saw how unbelievably horrible memory loss can be and found there were almost no solutions. I am very close to my mother, and she stopped recognizing me, didn’t believe I was her daughter, didn’t recognize her living room, and had delusions about things that never happened. She couldn’t be left alone for a second, as she was a danger to herself and others. I knew there must be solutions—and my mom and the rest of the world need them! So I quit my job and searched for solutions.

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Q. Why do you feel so strongly about combating memory loss? Isn’t it natural for people to lose their memory abilities as they grow older? 

Great question! Most people believe there’s nothing they can do because they watch so many people around them with declining memories. However, there are regions in the world called “blue zones,” where people live into their 100s and have no memory loss. Those blue zones have been studied to see why they are so healthy cognitively. The scientific data now clearly show that memory loss is a lifestyle issue.

Numerous centers are now employing brain-healthy habits and publishing studies showing greatly improved memory with these lifestyle changes and supplements. There are even hundreds of cases of people with dementia going back to productive lives. The thing that everyone who has had success in addressing memory loss has in common is that they use lifestyle changes and supplements. And that’s what Vivolor does. We offer education on daily habits that improve memory and a powerful mega-supplement packed with brain-healthy nutrients. Experts who know what to do say over 90% of memory loss can be prevented. So, it may be common to lose cognition as we age, but it certainly isn’t required.

Dr. Dale Bredesen, the author of The End of Alzheimer’s, says “memory loss is optional!”

Q. What products does Vivolor Therapeutics offer to its customers?   

  1. Maximize Your Memory Challenge is an online course where you learn the actions you can take to improve your memory and prevent dementia. Numerous things can be done, and many different areas need to be addressed. It outlines six proprietary pillars of memory health with clear, actionable steps you can take. You learn clinically proven memory improvement activities and review what aspects of cognition are helped most by each action and whether it helps in prevention or improvement.
  2. Vivolor® Memory Support is a mega-supplement for memory health and aging. It contains 10 natural ingredients that have the most scientific evidence of their improvements in cognition, memory, processing speed, and focus. There are generous amounts of key ingredients that showed better results with higher amounts. That’s why we call it a “mega-supplement.” Vivolor has 5–20 times more brain-enhancing nutrients than any other product. Vivolor has 20 times more nutrients than the top-selling memory booster! We are trying to use enough natural, healthy ingredients to make a difference. We have tons of testimonials about how it has changed lives and have won many awards. One customer even wrote 3 books about Vivolor! And he is not part of the company and doesn’t get paid by Vivolor. He volunteered to put his sweat and effort into these books because he wanted people to know what a difference Vivolor made in his life.
  3. Peak Brain Performance is a new effort where we are teaching groups of employees how to keep their brains performing at their best using brain science, clinical study results, practical tools, and motivation.

Q. Is there anything else folks should know about how to keep their memory that hasn’t been mentioned? 

Well, there are quite a few things. There isn’t one simple, quick fix. Several things need to be addressed. We created the Maximize Your Memory Challenge to teach you what you need to know. The most important thing is to start now! The changes in your brain start in your 40s and earlier. You start losing neurons, your brain shrinks in size, and you get plaques on your neurons and tangles in your neurons. But all of this goes on invisibly and silently for many decades. When you notice a memory slip, that means the changes in your brain are pretty advanced.

Most people ignore these initial issues, but they should be screaming red flags that you need to take action now! The memory generally only gets worse over time, declining rapidly or slowly, but it gets worse unless you know what to do to change that trajectory. We created our challenge because most people have no idea what actions impact their memory. Your memory is under your control. You can’t start taking care of your memory health too soon!

Helping people fend off memory loss and take care of their brains

Susan Gibson is the President of Vivolor Therapeutics and the creator of Vivolor Memory Support. She has won multiple awards for her work helping people regain their lives and confidence through improved memory and brain health. Watching her mother’s devastating decline into dementia gave her the passion to apply her pharmacy degree, Harvard MBA, coaching certification, functional nutrition certification, and 30 years of experience developing new healthcare products to now providing education and supplements that have helped numerous clients lead full lives with clarity of mind for years to come.

“Take care of your brain—it’s the only one you have!”

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