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VORTAL: Leading e-Sourcing and e-Procurement Solutions

VORTAL: Leading e-Sourcing and e-Procurement Solutions

The world of business is rife with buyers and suppliers. While the buyers focus on savings, risk management, spend visibility and increasing transparency, the suppliers look for more business opportunities and market intelligence. Both sides need to meet at a common ground to make business happen. VORTAL with its comprehensive e-Sourcing and e-Procurement solutions connects these businesses.

Leading the company from the front is the CEO of VORTAL, Miguel Sobral, who is an authority when it comes to Product Strategy and network driven business models. We interviewed him to know more about the company and how VORTAL has preserved its position as a leader in the e-Sourcing and e-Procurement space.

Tell us about your company’s journey till date.

VORTAL was founded in 2000 as a technology company which offered a platform for construction industry, but quickly expanded to other sectors. The company today offers e-Sourcing and e-Procurement solutions for companies and public bodies which are small or large, in the construction industry, in the health sector, public administrations, regional governments, and many more.

The company has grown really fast. The number of clients has increased; the number has gone up especially among the public bodies. VORTAL was a global pioneer in this area.

We are constantly growing, attracting new buyers and suppliers into an ever-evolving business network. In terms of geographical expansion, we have grown in different European countries, especially Spain, Germany, Italy as well as in Latin America. Nationwide, we have the National implementations in Colombia, Dominican Republic and Honduras.

For almost two decades, VORTAL has made businesses easier, better and faster. We have connected buyers to suppliers all over the world and have enabled collaboration. The company became a world leader in electronic sourcing & procurement over time.

What are the qualities that make VORTAL stand out in the space?

Services for buyers combined with services for suppliers that attract more suppliers. More competition but also more opportunities. And also, interoperability because we see an exciting opportunity there.

There are hundreds of thousands of companies with millions of dollars in revenues and competition is at its peak. In this scenario, how can startups/budding companies build their way to success?

Despite the competition, they absolutely can build their way to success. VORTAL for instance makes it possible by promotion of the companies in their lead generation efforts and access to market intelligence supporting better decision. Either small or large, startups or mature companies. They all have visibility and the same opportunities.

In one way or the other, impact can be measured. How has VORTAL positively influenced other companies?

VORTAL is a part of a generation of companies which has transformed the digital economy of the world. It has contributed to the technological development in its business area by promoting transparency and better practices in governance, investment, innovation, efficiency and savings.

What is your firm’s modus operandi?

We understand the needs of our customers and develop solutions to fulfill their expectations. We try to anticipate problems and exceed the expectations. VORTAL always monitors customer experience and their behavior. Our employees are provided the necessary training to support our customers in the best way possible.

Moreover, we research the latest technologies and the potential applications in partnership with universities and research institutions. We implement and act fast regardless of the geographical location of our customers as we can adjust to the legal framework of each country effortlessly. Instead of being generic, VORTAL builds on top of experience in specific markets and hosts a supplier network which is able to address the main market needs internationally.

How has VORTAL sustained its reputation in the marketplace for so long?

It has something to do with our ability to understand customer needs and translate them into products and services. User experience is a continuous concern and an investment in our roadmap. We monitor user behavior in real time to identify constraints and act on them. We use artificial intelligence tools to facilitate a user’s actions and decisions.

We provide an international helpdesk and support our clients of any profile or market where we have operations. At this moment, we cover several time-zones and multiple languages in Europe and North and South America so that our clients can call us in their local business hours.

Meet the leader

Miguel Sobral, CEO and Board Member

He has extensive experience in Product Strategy and network driven business models and has been credited for the growth of SaaS businesses around Europe and the world. He has led VORTAL’s entry into the global markets by securing contracts with international organizations. It is under his leadership which positioned the company as an industry leader in e-Sourcing and e-Procurement.

He holds a degree in Economics, an Executive MBA from the ISCTE Business School and AMP from INSEAD.

He also is member of the EXEP– Expert Group on E-Procurement of the European Commission and president of EUPLAT – European Association of Public eTendering Platform Providers.

“VORTAL has delivered over 3000 successful public and private sector successful implementations.”

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