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We analyze and review the business goals and processes and recommend solutions based on what will work best: Rand Group

We analyze and review the business goals and processes and recommend solutions based on what will work best: Rand Group

Rand Group is a professional services firm that delivers overall business process improvement and business management software solutions to companies seeking to transform their operations through the use of technology. From unbiased software selection, expert implementations and strategies to guide your digital transformation, to full-scale infrastructure, managed services, and technical support, Rand Group addresses all of the key operational areas in your business.

Why choose Rand Group?

Clear, Unbiased Recommendations

As a professional services firm committed to helping clients improve overall business success, the company focuses on leveraging the best technology platform(s) for each unique situation. Rand Group is a multi-platform systems integrator, positioned to provide unbiased recommendations that are in your best interest. It aligns with leading software vendors and publishers, ensuring its recommendations remain at the forefront of technological advancements and that its clients benefit from the competitive business advantages of both proven and emerging technologies.

The firm analyzes and review the business goals and processes and recommend solutions based on what will work best. Rand Group can impact every area of your business, from back end to front end and everything in between, building a fully integrated solution to maximize business success, all managed solely by us.

Unified Accountability

Your business is a network of processes and functions that require interoperability, and Rand Group’s solutions can impact each and every one. The firm’s full-spectrum, business and technology services deliver exceptional results. It offers the single source you need to ensure your business is carefully managed and properly controlled, and that time is not wasted chasing people for the help you need.

Eliminate the resource strain traditionally associated with managing multiple vendors by choosing to partner with a firm that offers the complete breadth of products and services you need to drive overall business improvements and increase revenues.

Industry Solutions

Upstream Oil and Gas

Oil & gas accounting and systems requirements present a unique set of challenges. Rand Group has a deep understanding of the specific regulatory and accounting needs facing operators and non-operators alike, and has the experience to design and deploy solutions that address them. Today, those in oil and gas have to respond to governmental reporting, environmental requirements, a volatile economy, and myriad investor requests, all while dealing with ongoing issues associated with lease management, revenue data processing, royalties, and joint interest and partnership complexities. Disparate “best of breed” systems must be integrated to gather, centralize, aggregate, bill, and ultimately make available for analysis the mass of data streaming into the organization.


Rand Group appreciates the challenges confronting manufacturers in today’s marketplace. In addition to traditional pressures concerning production control, quality, inventory management, and regulation, are the added pressures of increasing regulation, volatile raw material and energy costs, competition from low cost imports, and integration demands from large customers and vendors. To meet these challenges, manufacturers must improve material and shop control to gain efficiency and trim costs via automation, outsourcing, increased labor efficiency, and greater partner integration. Whether you are an Engineer-To-Order (ETO) manufacturer, discrete manufacturer or operate a job shop, full and complete visibility to operations at any time, from any location, expands production control and cost management.


Rand Group Selected as a Top 100 Mid-Market Software Reseller in Annual List

Professional services technology firm, Rand Group, has recently been recognized as one of the fastest-growing Value-Added Resellers (VARs) for financial software and technology-related business services in Bob Scott’s Insights (BSI) 2017 Top 100 VARs awards.

Rand Group’s continued presence on this list every year is a tribute to the company’s commitment to growth and product diversification. This year, Rand Group became a NetSuite Solution Provider, offering clients more choice in the cloud to meet their unique needs. According to President and CEO, Ron Rand, “We have continued to build our brand as a proven, highly-experienced multi-systems integrator,” explains Ron Rand. “We are now in a position to help more organizations use technology better than ever before.”

The BSI Top 100 VARs are ranked on annual revenue, number of employees, and the financial software lines they provide. The software resellers that made the cut consider ERP applications to be the core of their business and are recognized as the fastest growing VARs in the United States.

Meet the legend

Focused and influential, Ron Rand is the President & CEO of Rand Group and has over 20 years’ experience in implementing ERP solutions for clients in distribution, construction, oil & gas, and the service industry. A dedicated leader, Ron has built Rand Group over the last 14 years to fit his vision of a business management solution partner that does more than simply deliver software, it also delivers results. Rand Group has experienced a 40% growth rate year over year, expanding to four new markets since inception. His keen eye for detail, technical aptitude and drive for helping transition businesses has helped him lead the charge in these developments.

“We architect and build solutions that work specifically to the needs of each client.”

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