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We are the future of contract manufacturing: Dynamic Blending

We are the future of contract manufacturing: Dynamic Blending

We all know how important cosmetics & skin care are in our daily life. A good skin care regiment helps build our self-esteem and confidence. It also helps us look young and attractive. Cosmetics & skin care products are easily accessible in the form of creams, serums, lotions, shampoos, lip gloss, liquid lipstick, etc.

We have with us Dynamic Blending who is a contract manufacturer of cosmetics, personal care, skincare, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and much more.

How did it all start?

After many years spent working for other contract manufacturers, Dynamic Blending embarked on an innovative manufacturing journey in early 2015. In the beginning, Dynamic Blending started as an R&D formulation consultancy group. Its small team developed unmatched formulas and brokered them to other manufacturers for production. As the vision of Dynamic Blending evolved, Dynamic added manufacturing services, graphic design services and other related “turnkey” services.

Dynamic is a motivated, innovative manufacturer who isn’t in it to just make money. The company says, “We focus on companies of all sizes, even start-ups. From mom and pop businesses with limited funds to Fortune 500 companies, we treat everyone the same. If your brand doesn’t succeed, neither do we. Our innovative, caring approach is unlike any other and won’t be found anywhere else.”

We interviewed Jordan Erskine, Co-founder & President and Gavin Collier, Co-Founder & CEO to get a better understanding of Dynamic.

Please help us understand the current market landscape?

The beauty/personal care industry is booming year over year. With large online retailers like Amazon, etc. making it easy for sellers to showcase products in front of millions of people, it is easy to get products in front of consumers. This also paves the way for start-ups and small businesses to start their own product line. The industry is seeing a huge uptick in indie beauty brands. The brands are usually focused on pure natural/organic ingredients. There is a shift happening in the beauty industry from consumers not paying attention to what they are putting on their body to, holy cow what are all these chemicals in my product. You can see Fortune 500 brands starting to offer more natural/chemical-free products.

How is your company positioned in the current market scenario?

Dynamic Blending is positioned well to capitalize on start-up skincare companies. Dynamic Blending focuses on working with smaller companies to give them the tools and information they need to successfully launch a product. Our offerings remove the barriers to entry that might otherwise deter companies from entering the skincare industry.

Dynamic Blending is becoming the leader in natural skincare formulations. At least 90% of Dynamic Blending’s projects are in the natural/organic product category.

What are the pain points of the industry addressed by the company?

The industry of contract manufacturing is focused on high volume fast-paced manufacturing. The issue there is the margins are razor thin. Large companies sell millions of units every month. They survive on low margins due to the high-volume sales model. Dynamic Blending offers very low minimum order quantities allowing our clients to test the market with their product rather than risking 50,000 units of product that could potentially not sell. Dynamic Blending has a very consultative approach to interacting with our clients. We are transparent with all of our clients throughout the entire process.

What are the differentiating factors that set your company apart from its competitors?

Dynamic Blending is a true disruptor within the industry. We have built an innovative list of service offerings for our clients. We are the only contract manufacturer to have a full-service creative design team in house. This means we can help our clients create their brand and marketing materials.

We offer very low minimum order quantities as well as fast lead times. Most contract manufacturers have high minimum order quantities, e.g. 20,000 units per SKU and above. Additionally, all of our R&D clients receive ownership of the formulas we develop for them. We are constantly adding more services to our arsenal of capabilities.

Brief overview of the products and services offered by your company:

Dynamic Blending, with its full-service R&D lab, can take a product from concept to finished good. We have dedicated teams to help with branding, design, package selection, formulation, manufacturing and more. Our goal at Dynamic Blending is to help our clients create an amazing product and get to market as fast as possible.

Brief us about the journey of the company from its inception till date.

Dynamic Blending started in 2015 in a small room that was converted to an R&D lab. A year later, Dynamic Blending secured an investor and was able to build phase 1 of our current manufacturing facility. Every year since then, Dynamic Blending has grown at least 250%+. That is attributed to the need in the market for contract manufacturers who produce for clients of all sizes. Dynamic has since removed all investors and is controlled and managed by Gavin Collier and Jordan Erskine.

What was the motivation to start the company and how did it all come together?

Gavin and Jordan spent years working for other contract manufacturers. They saw the shortcomings, mistakes, and pitfalls of the companies we had previously worked for and decided that the need for a flexible manufacturer was there. They noticed too many people were being turned away, too many brands stymied before they broke out into the market and decided we had the know-how and the experience to do things better. Now, here we are, 4 - almost 5 years later with a fantastic team, a facility that we’re all proud of, and thousands of successfully executed projects under our belts.

What is the road map ahead?

If there is something to be said about the team that Gavin and Jordan have cultivated, it’s that they are tireless. The road ahead is bright, and the opportunities are out there. We are excited to say we are going through a 100% expansion right now, building up new cleanrooms, erecting new offices and laboratories. This expansion will allow us to continue to scale with our customers, take on exciting new manufacturing projects, and grow our all-star team to continue providing the best customer experience you’ll ever get in contract manufacturing.

Meet the significant duo

Jordan Erskine is a highly motivated entrepreneurial individual who has co-founded many successful businesses. Jordan has over 17 years in the personal care/skincare industry. Jordan currently serves as President & co-founder for the award-winning contract manufacturer Dynamic Blending.

Gavin Collier is an experienced scientist, legal practitioner and business executive, which provides any team he is a part of with competent leadership. Mr. Collier provides a thoughtful critical thinking approach, which is an asset to the many successful businesses he has co-founded, founded and sold. Mr. Collier has played a key role in Dynamic Blending Specialists, Inc., an award-winning business, that just recently won the American Business Awards “Bronze” for fastest growing business. Dynamic has grown by leaps and bounds, ever expanding its capabilities. With its dynamic executive management team, Mr. Collier and Jordan Erskine have created a company that is not only innovative, but also exciting and successful.

Prior to his partnership with Jordan in forming Dynamic, Mr. Collier ascended through the ranks in his firm and obtained partner status. Mr. Collier provided aggressive and prepared legal services, which made him very formidable as a trial attorney. Mr. Collier has 11 years in personal care manufacturing and has recently been named CEO of Dynamic Blending Specialists, Inc.

Mr. Collier has a B.S. Degree in Life Sciences Biology with emphasis in Chemistry and Micro and Molecular Biology from Brigham Young University. Mr. Collier also obtained his Doctor of Jurisprudence and is a licensed attorney in the State of Utah. Mr. Collier speaks English and Spanish fluently.

“Our turnkey solutions will propel your business to the next level. We are different than other contract manufacturers. Contact us today and we’ll show you!”

“Our team consists of industry experts with an extensive background in cosmetic chemistry (R&D), formulations, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and quality. Every member of our team has one goal: to be 100% focused on the needs of our clients. We are here to help our customers thrive. One big advantage of choosing us is we offer low minimum order quantities. This means you won’t have to be turned away anymore from the other guys for the smaller quantities you need.”

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