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We offer our customers a unique solution that combines innovative RPA technology, AI and a true business user experience: Kryon Systems

We offer our customers a unique solution that combines innovative RPA technology, AI and a true business user experience: Kryon Systems

Although Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is very new to the industry, it has gained popularity soon. Businesses have taken RPA seriously and started inculcating it into their company processes.

RPA technology imitates human behavior, for instance, it can navigate enterprise software like ERP systems, FSM software, or service management tools using the application’s user interfaces just like a human would.

Here we introduce you to a company who work on this concept. Kryon Systems established in 2008 work with a vision: To lead the RPA market by providing cutting-edge technology and setting in motion innovation strategies, to deliver an unsurpassed product offering for its customers.

Harel Tayeb, CEO said, "RPA products will soon become a commodity in every enterprise. With our proprietary technology, along with our deep industry and technical expertise in the services we provide, we are going to lead the new generation of intelligent automation."

The firm was established for a cause, which is, to help enterprises succeed. In the beginning, the company was just offering Kryon’s application guidance and attended automation. Further, they started providing some technology patents. Companies worldwide began relying more on Kryon to shape up their capability, business work, and reduce cost.

The company quotes, “Our automation solutions are constantly evolving to unlock a company’s potential for growth and high-quality performance. Our Hybrid Automation enables virtual and human workforces to work better together, so enterprises can fully automate business processes end-to-end. And, the company’s AI-driven Process Discovery solution – an industry innovation – helps organizations identify all the processes they should automate and automatically creates automation workflows in the Kryon Studio.”

Currently, Kryon’s AI platform is helping firms go digital. They say, “We’re using technology to redefine core parts of business infrastructure for more efficient business operations and work environments.”

Kryon’s AI-powered robotic automation solutions are paving way to mold virtual workforces’ and unlocking the true potential of companies and the people who work in them. Until now, its in-house technologies have garnered 5 patents, and its computer vision and machine learning algorithms are at the forefront of AI technology. The RPA industry is exploding, turning the tide on digital transformation.

Kryon with pride says, RPA has played a very important role in shaping virtual workplaces. Robots (virtual workers) have imitated the work just like humans and accomplished in doing it in a lesser time, with accuracy and less cost.

Kryon RPA platform will help you achieve your targets in no time, setting you apart from your rivals. Alongside, you get assured security, scalability and RPA management and optimization. 

“Powered by our unrivaled patented visual recognition technology, the Kryon RPA Tools and Platform combines advanced IMR and OCR capabilities to record and execute processes on any application (including Citrix, web-based, legacy and desktop) – without the need for integration (no connectors/API required),” said Harel Tayeb.

He added, “Our full network infrastructure enables fast and efficient scalability, by providing quick deployment, reliability, and rapid response to change. Our platform also offers the highest level of security through a complete separation of resources, so only authorized users can access or edit specific data.”

The company strongly believes that all companies are experts in their own way. It wants those companies to achieve targets who have till date underutilized human talent, innovation and creativity.

The company quotes, “Our innovative, profitable and fast-growing AI startup specializes in Intelligent Robotic Process Automation solutions and smart virtual workforces.”

The company strongly believes that every firm is an expert in their own way. Kryon was established to aid those companies that have under-utilized human talent, innovation and creativity.

Meet the strength of Kryon Systems: Harel Tayeb, CEO

Harel has more than 15 years of experience in the tech world and he is a visionary leader and serial entrepreneur. Lately, an investor and advisor for startups and VC’s, Harel has held several leadership positions including AVG Israel Country Manager (acquired by Avast for $1.3B). Prior to AVG, Harel led Como (Conduit Mobile), a fast-growing mobile app maker platform. Prior to Como, he founded a visionary startup in the collectibles area, Collcs Ltd., and before that managed an engineering group at Microsoft & Gteko (acquired by Microsoft) ILDC.

“Our mission is to revolutionize intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by delivering enterprise customers with a unique full-cycle solution which first discovers business processes and then continuously optimizes them for a seamless, superior RPA experience.”

“Today, Kryon’s innovative AI-powered platform is enabling companies to embrace digital transformation.”

“We’re using technology to redefine core parts of business infrastructure for more efficient business operations and work environments.”

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