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We offer the most comprehensive, enterprise-grade in-memory computing solution: GridGain Systems

We offer the most comprehensive, enterprise-grade in-memory computing solution: GridGain Systems

GridGain Systems offers the first enterprise-grade in-memory computing platform built on Apache Ignite™. The GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform addresses today's Fast Data challenges and unleashes the competitive advantage of any real-time business, whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud. GridGain Systems solutions offer the most comprehensive, enterprise-grade in-memory computing solution for high-volume transactions, real-time analytics and hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP).

GridGain Systems customers including leading companies in financial services, fintech, software, ecommerce, retail, telecom, online business services, healthcare and more. Example customers include Barclays, ING, Sberbank, Microsoft, IBM, Huawei, RingCentral, Newegg, Misys, Advent, Workday, eTherapeutics and Elsevier.

GridGain will give you the best solutions

Performance Breakthroughs with In-Memory Computing

GridGain in-memory solutions can improve application performance by scaling out and massively speeding up your existing applications. They can also improve database performance by moving your data from disk to memory, enabling a 1,000x or greater improvement in speed.

The GridGain in-memory computing platform empowers existing and greenfield applications to achieve new levels of performance. The memory-centric architecture can be used as an in-memory data grid inserted between your existing application and data layers to massively improve performance and scalability with minimal changes to your existing architecture. Or you can deploy GridGain as an in-memory database for greenfield applications and use the Persistent Store feature to ensure fast restart, backups, and protection against memory overflow.

Speed and Scalability for Existing Applications

GridGain in-memory computing solutions can dramatically improve application performance. The GridGain in-memory computing platform is inserted between your application and database layers to enhance application performance through:

  • Application Scaling
  • SaaS Enablement
  • Database Caching

Technology overview

The In-Memory Computing Platform Built on Apache Ignite

GridGain is an in-memory computing platform, built on Apache® Ignite™, which dramatically accelerates and scales out existing data-intensive applications across a distributed computing architecture. The comprehensive in-memory computing solution includes an in-memory data grid, in-memory database, and a streaming analytics engine. The next generation GridGain platform can function as an in-memory data grid or it can be deployed as a memory-centric database which combines the speed of in-memory computing with the durability of disk-based storage. Query times are 1,000x faster than traditional disk-based systems because data is held in-memory and the system utilizes parallel processing.

GridGain can modernize existing data-intensive architectures when inserted between existing application and database layers. GridGain integrates seamlessly with RDBMS, NoSQL and Hadoop databases and includes a unified API which supports SQL, C++, .NET, JAVA/Scala/Groovy, Node.js and more access for the application layer.

A Comprehensive, Next Generation In-Memory Computing Platform Which Lowers Cost and Complexity

The GridGain in-memory computing platform includes a high performance in-memory data grid, in-memory database, and a streaming analytics engine. By standardizing on a single platform, your company can reduce the number of technologies you support, resulting in faster implementations and lower costs. GridGain can unify real-time operations and analytics on one powerful stack, addressing both OLTP and OLAP demands with an HTAP architecture, a true converged data platform. It can sit on top of complex database infrastructures which have separate operational and analytics databases while running queries in pooled data and compute grids. GridGain can run on commodity or top-of-the-line servers.

Accelerate Transaction-Intensive Applications by Up to 1,000x with No Rip-and-Replace

GridGain can be deployed between your existing application and database layers, holding active data in-memory for high speed processing. ACID transaction support ensures data integrity. ANSI SQL-99, DDL, and DML support enables you to interact directly with GridGain in the same way you previously interacted with your SQL-driven database. The existing database can remain the system of record or GridGain can become the system of record.

Success story


Headquartered in London, Misys is transforming the global financial services industry by making financial institutions more resilient, more efficient and more competitive. The company provides the broadest, deepest portfolio of financial services software, covering retail and corporate banking, lending, treasury, capital markets, investment management and enterprise risk. Misys has more than 2,000 customers in 130 countries, addressing industry requirements at both a global and local level. Their solutions are used by 48 of the world’s 50 largest banks and 12 of the top 20 asset managers.


As a large financial technology company, Misys solutions must manage huge amounts of trade and accounting data. To meet evolving customer demands for real-time services and satisfy evolving compliance and reporting regulations in Europe, Misys opted to implement a new Java-based IT stack that will support the use of data lakes instead of traditional databases.


To handle the caching of data from the data lake and distributing the cached data across a network cluster for massive parallel processing, Misys opted to deploy GridGain.

The GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric, based on Apache® IgniteTM, enables high-performance transactions that run up to 1,000,000x faster than disk-based approaches. It provides high speed transactions, real-time streaming and fast analytics in a single, comprehensive data access and processing layer which works with any common RDBMS, NoSQL or Hadoop database. GridGain provides ACID transaction guarantees and is ANSI SQL-99 compliant. The solution powers existing and new applications in a distributed, massively parallel architecture on affordable, commodity hardware, which can be easily scaled by adding more nodes to the GridGain cluster. 

Meet the biggie

Abe Kleinfeld joined GridGain as president & CEO in 2013 and has transformed the company into the leading open source in-memory computing platform provider. Since joining GridGain, the company has averaged triple digit annual sales growth and raised $16M in Series B venture financing. The company is also known for founding and producing the annual In-Memory Computing Summit, the world’s first and only in-memory computing conference. 

Abe holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from State University of NY at Oswego, and is an avid photographer and science fiction fan.

Our in-memory computing platform sits between the application and data layers to provide speed and scalability.

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