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WebSan Solutions Inc. Building a new era in Enterprise IT

WebSan Solutions Inc. Building a new era in Enterprise IT

WebSan Solutions Inc. is a cloud Microsoft Dynamics Certified Partner and IT consulting and solutions provider.

They staff a team of professionals, with multiple decades of combined experience in the area of ERP, CRM and IT consulting. They can offer guidance and assistance to any sized company, looking to increase profitability by more effectively managing their resources and improving productivity and efficiency in their operation.


The company began its operations in 2000; they initially specialized in supply chain management consulting. Over the years, the company transitioned from selling consulting services to becoming a Microsoft Partner.

Over the last few years, WebSan’s creative approach towards encouraging digital adoption and community building have helped them build trust and credibility through consistent delivery of an array of Microsoft products.

Product and services

WebSan Solutions is now considered a one-stop-shop Microsoft provider for your ERP, CRM and Office productivity needs.

But before their success, there were some hurdles that they had to face.  Implementing a variety of Microsoft products and services successfully required adeep knowledge of a client’s needs and specific expertise.

The company then had to relay to the general public that they have an in-depth understanding of how all these products work together seamlessly. They tackled this issue by creating a comprehensive flow chart that explained how they could provide a seamless out-of-the-box and all-in-one-connection between Dynamics 365 and commonly used business productivity apps and tools like SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Power BI and Office 365.

Plotting strategies

Right from the beginning, the company has always stood by this strategy of enhancing customerexperience and satisfaction. Key benefits of their award-winning marketing strategy include:

Offering the Microsoft Dynamics Community with cost-effective Microsoft Dynamics online training Providing efficient and reliable customer support Offering free and interactive resources for customers and prospects

Staying unique 

WebSan Solutions manages to stay ahead of the curve by keeping a laser-sharp focus on its customer service, which has enabled its business to grow organically. WebSan believed in this goal and they expanded their team and grew their audience online.

They knew that innovative digital communications are often essential to an integrated and creative campaign strategy. They have unique and unheard-of marketing campaigns and strategies that have made them stand out from the typical Microsoft Partner. For instance, in 2013, they created their own academic platform, WebSan University.

WebSan University is an online learning environment built to equip users with a catalogue of online Microsoft Dynamics courses. These courses provide additional training to learn Microsoft modules through videos, tests, user manuals and other interactive elements. They have over 100+ hours of training available.

This forward-thinking methodology has allowed the company to become a prominent name in the Microsoft community, and it has also helped the company stay amongst the top 3 partners that clients consider when they are looking for a Canadian Microsoft ERP Partner.

Future Drives

In the past couple of years, the company has achieved rapid growth, and it has also demonstrated the ability to manage the operational impacts of not only launching a new product but also successfully sustaining the increase in sales and customer base.

As of now, the company’s growth curve is astonishing, consistently maintaining top line growth of 40% YOY and their customer satisfaction levels are among the best in the industry which has landed them numerous awards over the years. The success achieved can be attributed to the strong foundation and that has helped in shaping the company. WebSan Solutions aims to double in size now even though the market is on a competitive surge. The company has no plans to slow down and is hoping for a future where it lands on top of the industry.

Meet the leader

Andrew King is Managing Director at WebSan Solutions Inc. He manages strategic client projects as well as business development, sales, and marketing at WebSan Solutions. He is a contributor for MSDynamicsWorld and has been featured in The Globe and Mail. Andrew is also known to be enthusiastic, honest and sharp-witted. He’s a born adventurer and hence enjoys flying planes, riding his road bike and zip lining. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN USA.

“As the Largest Hosting Provider for Microsoft Dynamics in Canada and with over a decade of experience in Enterprise Software solutions, online business and financial accounting software, the experts at WebSan know how to help you transform your business.”

“Whether you’re a rapidly growing company looking to automate processes and improve decision making for guaranteed success, or you’re simply looking to gain more control over your business and your information, WebSan Solutions can help you succeed.”

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