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Wienerberger AG: Shaping the future of the built environment

Wienerberger AG: Shaping the future of the built environment

“Wienerberger is a leading international provider of smart solutions for the entire building envelope and for infrastructure. We are improving people’s quality of life and shaping the future of construction.”

Staying in the market for over 200 years and becoming the world’s largest producers of bricks is no easy feat and Wienerberger AG did exactly that byfacing centuries-long challenges. Currently it is one of the largest corporations in the field of building and infrastructure solutions and operates in more than 30 countries and has about 201 production sites across the world.

Headquartered in Vienna, the company is spearheading in several businesses and a global supplier of building material solutions including clay blocks, facing bricks, roof tiles, ceramic and plastic pipes andalso concrete and clay pavers.


In the 1819’s, Alois Miesbach – the Austrian industrialist recognized the rapidly increasing demand for construction materials in Vienna and acquired a former state-owned brickwork in the Meidling district of Vienna, within two years he leased additional land and a brick kiln on Wienerberger and that’s how the brick giant breathed into existence.

Wienerberger world-provider of smart solutions

The world at large is influenced by technology and digitalization has brought innovation to every industry. Wienerberger fashioned its building materials industry by incorporating the latest trends which in turn helped in improving the quality of people’s life.

Wienerberger has a futuristic approach and has inculcated sustainable solutions and concepts for its buildings and community infrastructures focusing on their three main areas; bricks, pipe systems, and pavements. They have cleverly acted on the opportunities presented by the digitalization by combining new ideas and developing cutting edge solutions to help the company to grow and transform its business.

“From energy-efficient homes to safe sewer systems and attractive public spaces, Wienerberger’s expertise can be seen in all areas of life.”

Wienerberger is a leading international provider of smart solutions for the entire building envelope and for infrastructure, and therefore leveraging common IT platforms and process standards while producing high-quality products is a top priority for them. The company has included the latest technologies like concept visualization apps to further help customers in making decisions more easily. Webshops for distributors as well as digital planning and tendering software are also revolutionizing building design.

Shaping the world – “the Wienerberger way”

In order to become the torchbearer of the building materials industry, Wienerberger continuously strived for the innovation of its products and solutions. By combining tradition and innovation the company was able to rank number 1 on the global market in the bricks production. They are also leaders in several related areas and are creating some of the best solutions for their customers.

Wienerberger’s customer base is diverse: ranging from architects and designers to builders, roofers, and pipefitters. The Wienerberger submits to the need of all these various types of customers by developing smart solutions for construction and infrastructure and by ensuring that their values are never compromised at any point.

The 200-year-old legacy

“A living culture of innovation, The strengths of our employees, common processes and IT platforms, BIM as a milestone along the road.”

The company with its 200-year-old legacy has adapted to the current trends of the world, bringing in virtual reality (VR), so that its customers will be able to visualize their dream house and go on a virtual tour. The All4Roof platform is another major achievement by the company that helps roofers to plan and manage their projects with their customers.

Wienerberger has also introduced Smart Water Management solutions that can measure water levels and provide weather predictions to forecast and thus help prevent flooding. The company also specializes in full house concepts that provide end-to-end services to customers.

“We want to improve people’s quality of life. High-quality building and infrastructure solutions which we constantly innovate along with new services make the life of our customers easier and help them to make the best decisions for the lifetime of their assets.”

Vision 2020

Wienerberger hopes to be the most revered provider of smart solutions for the entire building envelope and for infrastructure and the employer of choice in the markets.

But looking further into the future, the company hopes to incorporate more technology and embrace digitalization. This is done so that they can position themselves as a business partner for the entire building and Infrastructure industry. They intend to be the ultimate end-to-end solutions provider from design to management and to further climb steps from a mere supplier of building materials provider.

This also reiterates their position as the world market leader and helps in generating sustainable, value-creating growth which is regarded as the mission of Wienerberger Group. With its products and solutions, Wienerberger is providing an active contribution to the fight against climate change and continues to work intensively on aligning their offers with topics such as the circular economy, de-carbonization and biodiversity.

Meet the Chief Information & Digital Officer

Joerg Reinold is the Chief Information and Digital Officer at Wienerberger AG. Previously he held various leadership position within IBM and gained many years of experience in digital transformation. He is a specialist in innovating and transforming business models that are challenged by new technologies and competitors. He has also helped several international companies in digitizing their customer channels and building the required marketing and customer engagement capabilities.

“Wienerberger is a market leader in Smart Solutions and a pioneer of digitalization in the industry.”

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