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Aquant presents Service Intelligence - giving service leaders, techs and teams the most vital information they need for every situation

Aquant presents Service Intelligence - giving service leaders, techs and teams the most vital information they need for every situation

Service isn’t easy. You are overwhelmed. Conflicting business objectives. Increasing customer demands. A shrinking workforce. 

And that’s exactly why Aquant was built. To give service leaders, reps, and teams the most accurate info they need, when they need it. They help you make great decisions. Your customers experience service that feels like magic.

Aquant - A whole new level of service experience

Now service goes from simply solving problems to creating entirely new business opportunities. Stop thinking about cutting costs, and start driving revenue. Aquant goes from putting out fires, to lighting up customers’ smiles and igniting lasting loyalty.

With Aquant, service transforms right before your eyes from mere maintenance to pure magic.

Analyze workforce performance, customer risk, & product quality trends

Get everything from overviews to deep details – all in one place.

Track service performance data across your org using Aquant’s field service reporting software – no lengthy data management required. Make better, data-backed decisions using field service analytics that improve overall service delivery.

  • Objectively understand technician performance to identify training needs
  • Review visit data & prevent customer escalations before they start
  • Understand product performance & zero in on cost driversG

Powerful, easy to use, and ready from day one

Connect your data sources to Service Insights for comprehensive field service reporting. No need for time-consuming, cross-functionally complicated internal builds that often end up deprioritized by internal BI teams.

Service Insights integrates directly with your CRM to seamlessly enhance your existing workflow – Leave the build to us and focus your energy on elevated service delivery.

With Service Insights, you can:

  • Predict: Predict service and customer needs with proactive answers to key business questions
  • Discover: Discover organizational truths via service data that is translated into clear themes and easy-to-understand stories about your business
  • Surface: Surface new opportunities and  create data-driven plans

Get smarter about service

Translate your service organization’s tribal knowledge and experiences into prescriptive intelligence. By using a dynamic, AI-powered tool, your front line ambassadors are empowered to troubleshoot and resolve customer challenges, in and out of the field.

  • Increase first contact resolution
  • Improve first time fix rates and reduce parts costs
  • Transform customer service experience

Improve service from every angle

Empower contact center agents to become expert problem solvers: Limit unnecessary truck rolls and better manage technician schedules by increasing first contact resolution.

Troubleshoot service issues on site in real time with handheld devices: Provide prescriptive guidance to technicians wherever they are via automated suggestions on their mobile device of choice.

Reduce service tickets by enabling customers to identify solutions to issues: Empower your customers to find solutions without engaging your support reps or needing to manually scan user manuals.

Discover the full Service Intelligence Platform

Service insights: Dedicated intelligence to help service leaders make smarter decisions

Triage: Give every tech the intelligence they need to solve problems like the experts

Warranty: Manage claims more intelligently so you identify and solve high-risk events

Bring digital transformation to warranties

Your warranty and claims data hold powerful insights about your business that can be used to shape better customer experiences. But most companies struggle to mine and analyze data in a way that turns information into actionable recommendations. Aquant can help.

Deliver better customer experiences with warranty intelligence

Aquant's Warranty Intelligence platform helps organizations bring data-driven processes to warranty claims (and beyond). The AI-driven product enables organizations to derive value from large amounts of warranty data while reducing service costs and improving customer experiences.

Aquant’s Warranty Audit product predicts which warranty claims are high-risk based on your company’s historical data. Now, warranty managers can quickly process and reject high risk claims, expedite approval time, improve efficiency and reduce warranty costs. 

Service Hero™ Appliance Repair App

With Service Hero™, repair technicians are transformed into service heroes, becoming experts on all models and brands that they service. Service Hero is a service repair software that offers mobile triaging, allowing techs to troubleshoot even the newest of models from any site they visit right from their phone. Based on the selected brand, model, and reported issue, Aquant’s appliance repair troubleshooting software prompts a series of questions, and shortlists possible parts and solutions.

Troubleshoot issues & find fixes in seconds

An appliance repair business software filled with real-life best practices sourced from veteran, certified technicians. Get accurate repair information based on real-world scenarios. Includes repair recommendations for assets, including:

Start your Service Hero™ Free Trial

  • Complete their form for a free trial of their appliance repair troubleshooting software
  • Instantly troubleshoot all major appliance brands and models
  • Increase first time fix rate
  • Reduce technician time on site
  • Complete more jobs per day
  • Upskill every member of the team regardless of prior experience or training
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Shahar Chen, CEO & Co-Founder

“We’re trusted by the world’s most service-focused brands.”

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