10 Best Data Analytics Companies 2019

Yellowbrick Data empowers companies to make faster decisions with all of their data

Yellowbrick Data was founded by people who are proficient in database and flash memory technologies to ease data warehousing. The company’s motive was to solve the problems related to high availability, running complex mixed workloads, support for ad-hoc SQL, computing appropriate answers on any schema, big scalability and aid more number of users.

Then came the thought of Yellowbrick Data Warehouse to speedily deploy, effortlessly expand and easy to manage. The company said, “And in doing so, we also fundamentally changed the economics of enterprise data warehousing to deliver the lowest acquisition and operating costs, and highest performance to our customers.”

Benefits of Yellowbrick Data

Simplicity: Bridging the legacy eco-system with the modern data warehouse.

Performance: Your analytics will be 10x to 100x faster.

Deploy “Every” where: Flexible and predictable; on-premise or hybrid cloud

Always at your service

Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse- It helps you overcome cost, performance challenges created by conventional cloud data warehouses. Multi-cloud support aids customers to connect multiple public and private clouds to a single Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse. Support the applications, users and public clouds of your choice.

If the customers prefer private connections, the company assures sub-millisecond latency to individual public cloud. You need not worry about the infrastructure vendor warehouse inconsistency, Yellowbrick helps in connecting myriad clouds at the same warehouse so that your data is available and up-to-date.

Data Warehouse Appliance- The firm’s motive is to simplify analytics and data warehousing. It substitutes racks of hardware with an easy to manage turn-key appliance. Yellowbrick helps in finishing the tasks fast which consumes hours of IT and DBA staff time, all while improving service and insight quality.

Overstock case study

Overstock.com is a data and technology driven online retailer located in Salt Lake City, UT. The company has grown to over a billion dollars in revenue by providing high-quality merchandise at attractive prices, backed by exceptional customer service to more than five million unique daily visitors.

In the initial 6 months of deploying Yellowbrick Data Warehouse, Overstock data scientists could deliver the difficult analytic applications:

Lifetime Value Analysis

  • Overstock.com values long term customer relationships. Using the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse, Overstock data scientists can now perform previously impossible pivot-based time series analysis of Customer Lifetime Value data. This helps identify key influences behind customer acquisition and retention
  • This analysis also revealed optimizations in marketing spend to enable more efficient marketing of key products and increased lifetime value
  • Previously, campaign reporting could only analyze 60 - 90 days of historical data at a time. Wider date spans simply took too long or were too expensive to execute. Using the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse, Overstock now completes multi-year historical campaign reports in minutes, up to 50x faster than before
  • One specific example of previously impossible analytics is analyzing 182 billion rows of historical campaign data in under 2 minutes

After choosing Yellowbrick Data Warehouse, Overstock is gaining popularity and value. Data scientists have changed to be more productive, the fixed budget of an appliance has aided data scientists to work out of the way. Yellowbrick Data has been impressive in delivering the requirements of Overstock.

Yellowbrick Data has also shown a comprehensive and mature approach to the services delivered including:

  • One-hour installation compared to multiple days for traditional solutions
  • Simple administration, graphical management interface, auto-indexing of all columns
  • No grooming, garbage collection, or vacuuming processes to manage
  • Easy integration with Overstock enterprise platforms: Tableau, MicroStrategy, Dataiku, Syncsort ETL, and LDAP

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse has become an important part of the Overstock data warehousing architecture and a key platform to encourage the Data Science team.

“Overstock analytics team members can operate at the speed of thought when using the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse. They are now able to quickly find new insights and use those Insights to build processes for predictive analysis on a fast enough timeline to keep up with the quickly-moving world of e-commerce.”


Welcome Neil Carson, CEO and Co-Founder

Previously, Neil served as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Fusion-io where he was responsible for company strategy, product definitions, roadmaps, corporate development and strategic partnerships and key customer acquisitions.

Prior to Fusion-io, Neil was Chief Application Architect at Dell, where he led the platform architecture team across MessageOne, Everdream, Silverback Networks and other acquired development groups. Neil joined Dell through the acquisition of Everdream where he was Chief Architect.

Neil has also held roles at BMC/Remedy and Liberate Technologies, including Principal Product Architect and Principal Engineer. Neil has served as a technical advisor for startups Oxygen Finance and Datera Inc.

Neil earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Engineering from Cranfield University.

“Yellowbrick Data Warehouse deploys powerful analytics anywhere, with best in-class economics.”