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Yoyi Digital Ushering a new era of Digital Marketing

Yoyi Digital Ushering a new era of Digital Marketing

“YOYI is the leading Omnichannel intelligent marketing platform.”

PwC’s global Entertainment & Media Outlook report predicts that by 2022, more than 50% of advertising budgets will be digital. This is quite a huge leap from the conventional marketing techniques. Since 2013, there’s a new phenomenon called “programmatic advertising” that has exploded all over the digital world. It has now become a tool for buying digital ads in developed countries.

Yoyi Digital enters the scene with AI-driven marketing solutions, the company owns an award-winning AI technology and a huge audience data bank. The company is a major name in the Martech industry across China and focuses on helping brands fulfill their multi-screen, multi-function, multi-audience needs.

Transforming China’s Digital Advertising Landscape

Yoyi Digital took its first step into the marketing tech industry in 2007 when China’s Internet economy was rapidly growing. The internet boom impacted enterprises in related industries to choose a diversified marketing strategy and explore new media avenues and terminals. During this time, there was a paradigm shift happening across the advertising industry that forced enterprises to adopt the new strategy, the arrival of online advertising paved its way to target-oriented marketing, trumping the conventional mode of extensive network distribution or mass marketing.

The Internet revolutionized the marketing industry; it enabled real-time delivery and optimization along with targeted online advertising. Yoyi Digital had futuristic plans and they focused on gathering data and enhancing technical capabilities to fulfill their vision of “making advertising better”. The company’s management team with their deep knowledge in areas like data and technology contributed various products that matched the requirements of the market. For instance, Yoyi Digital’s CEO - Roy Zhou has over 20 years of experience in IT and digital advertising and is a former employee of Google where he was head of AdSense, Asia Pacific/Japan and driven the business to one billion US$ from scratch.

The YOYI Family

YOYI PLUS - Leading Cross-screen Intellignet Programmatic Buying  Platform

In this era, advertisers are looking for innovative platforms that can provide them with the highest ROI and YOYI PLUS is such a platform for programmatic buying that helps brands do digital marketing across various digital outlets like PC, mobile, OTT, and DOOH. The platform is capable of integrating with all top-tier ad exchanges/SSPs and premium publishers to support advertisers in either real-time bidding (RTB) in the open marketplace or do PMP auction by invitation.

“YOYI PLUS is exclusively equipped with rich targeting capabilities, intelligent anti-fraud algorithm, dynamic creative, real-time optimization and multi-touch attribution which makes it a powerful one-stop cross-screen digital marketing platform for brands.”

The platforms are equipped with strong data capabilities that cover over 1.5 billion mobile device IDs, 500 million cookies, 200 OTT device IDs and comprehensive tags to profile both individual and household audiences. They are driven by AI algorithms for ID graphing across screens, building bidding strategies and for dynamic creatives.

YOYI DataBank- Customer Data Management Platform Empowering Business Growth

YOYI DataBank is a customer data platform from the company that focuses on maximizing the value of first-party data to drive business growth. The platform connects omnichannel customer data and creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to all other systems.

It has a customized audience tag, audience segmentation, conversion analysis, and multi-touch attribution. This’ll help brands to better understand the data at hand and reach the exact audience and thereby achieve more profit through digital marketing.

There’s also a marketing automation platform called “YOYI HUB” that helps clients manage and optimize consumer experience across multiple channels.

The Digital Journey

It was in 2012, Yoyi Digital started its AI-based programmatic buying platform and back then the term was unheard of in the Chinese market and drew no attention.

But in the subsequent years there were intermittent approaches by various companies to develop the technology. And Yoyi Digital being the torch-bearer of the technology hosted “China Advertising Technology Summit” for three years to share cutting-edge ideas and technologies.

“We hope to use data and technology to change the digital marketing industry, and even  the world.”

By 2015, the market had reached maturity and Yoyi Digital advanced into space as they realized the potential of OTT and multi-screen programmatic buying and soon the company became the first OTT programmatic platform in the market.

In 2018, first-party data was in abundance and became important, with MarTech on the rise; Yoyi Digital launched its CDP solution – Yoyi DataBank. Tech giants like Samsung used it to build CDP and enhance their media efficiency and consumer experiences in their website and app store. Last year the company repositioned itself  to an “omnichannel intelligent  marketing platform”.

The company’s success can be attributed to a team of passionate individuals who has vast expertise in data science and machine learning technologies. Now, with over a decade of research and development, the company has been awarded several patents in data management, audience insight, and cross-screen delivery.

Future Endeavors

The world is increasingly becoming data-centric and programmatic advertising industry is the next big thing in the digital marketing space and many brands have already incorporated programmatic advertising solutions into their brand strategies. Yoyi Digital is heavily investing in data and technology to match up with the evolving market trends.

Meet the leader

Roy Zhou is a major player in China’s digital advertising field, he has over ten years of experience and has played a substantial role in the development and adoption of programmatic buying in the market. He joined YOYI in 2011 as CEO, he was instrumental in the company’s launch of China’s first DSP that supported real-time bidding and later he introduced the concept of multiscreen programmatic buying to the country. Zhou has an MBA from of University of California, Berkeley’s prestigious Haas School of Business.


Yoyi Digital won the remarkable international award “Red Herring 100 Global Winner”

“The Most Influential Advertising Company in Asia” at Busan International Advertising Festival.

The first Chinese ad-tech company to be invited to the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in 2015.

Yoyi Digital won the “Top 10 Digital Marketing 2020” by APAC CIO ADVISOR

“Yoyi Digital is the only one-stop intelligent marketing platform to truly realize multi-screen strategies across PC, Mobile, OTV and OTT in China market.”

"We have successfully serviced over 1,000 advertisers, including Samsung, Toyota, Unilever, Dyson, Budwiser, NBA, Tiffany, etc."

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