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ZyGen Company Limited: Innovative Consultancy for better Business and Life

ZyGen Company Limited: Innovative Consultancy for better Business and Life

With the introduction of many technologies like AI and IoT, the digital leaders of today need to transform their customer experience. This requires effort and innovation. But innovation in this space requires a special kind of expertise. One, which ZyGen excels in. Founded in 1999, ZyGen has been a company which has delivered solutions at express pace to many leading enterprises.

We interviewed ZyGen’s Managing Director, Cholapatr Bhuripanyo to know more about ZyGen.

Tell us about the company’s history.

ZyGen was founded in 1999. We began as a small group which had a few IT people with SAP expertise. In the initial stages, we focussed more on the technical consulting services. Now, our expertise extends to other areas of services. We got the opportunity to provide service to many leading enterprises in Thailand including PTT Group. PTT Group is one of our key customers, ranked in Fortune 500. PTT Digital later decided to sign a MoU to have ZyGen as the preferred SAP vendor.

We have become more complete and a one-stop service consulting firm now. We help our clients in their digital transformation journey by assisting them in planning the business transformation strategy. We also provide solution to support their digital transformation as well. Over the last twenty years, we have received many awards for our work.

Could you tell us about your offerings as a consultancy?

We help our customers plan their digital transformation strategy and roadmap. For digital core, we are very good at SAP implementation. For SAP, we provide service in the areas of ERP (ECC 6.0, S/4 HANA), Business Intelligence, Analytics, Mobility (Fiori/ UI5), Process Integration, Cloud Platform etc. In addition, we are also good at other intelligence technologies such as AI, chatbot, Big Data, Digital Workforce, RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

How much do you value the workplace innovation?

Everybody at ZyGen is encouraged to try their ideas. We bring people together and simplify the approval process.

Recently, we founded a company (owned by ZyGen 100%) to operate independently. This company has been successfully building innovations and IP. The company was recognized as the winner of Start Up Thailand award for AI and Chatbot category in the very first year it was founded.

Does your firm see innovation as single time process or a continuous one?

Our vision is “Innovation consultancy for better Business and Life.” It is our passion to deliver innovations continuously. We adopt the culture which believes in “fail fast and succeed faster” approach. We are not afraid of thinking out-of-the-box and trying new things.

Tell us about your company’s recent innovation.

One of our recent innovations is called NICE. It is a solution and platform that has AI and chatbot capabilities for Thai NLP (Natural Language Processing). The NICE platform offers many solutions including NICE for Enterprise Operational Excellence and NICE Smart Sales Assistant.

The NICE for Enterprise Operational Excellence is an internal chatbot for internal use. It allows employees to access the backend system easily by using Chat Application which they use in their daily life. For example, a purchasing officer can talk (type or speak) to LINE or Facebook messenger asking about the status of a purchase order and then get information from SAP system on his/her LINE or Facebook messenger without having to access the SAP system.

NICE for Smart Sales Assistant makes it possible to respond to the customer 24X7. In addition, with Social Customer Insight capability, it can also be proactive. The system does not have to wait for customer to ask first and then reply. The Smart Sales Assistant can start the conversation with the customer as soon as it detects match between products and customer interests.

What is your appeal like in the market?

We are one of the leading IT consulting companies in Thailand. Our strong expertise and solid experience with leading enterprise solutions especially for SAP solutions gives us the edge in this space.

Many organizations are now trying to help companies with their digital transformation. However, some do not have a good understanding as we do. And some do not know where to start with. Many others cannot execute their ideas due to lack of innovations and solutions. We can help.

How do you prepare for unexpected situations?

Change is a constant everywhere. The IT world changes very fast too. So, continuous learning and improving is a norm. Companies with a vision and a good strategy tend to notice the unexpected sooner than others. At ZyGen, we prepare ourselves and our capabilities for such eventualities and stay unafraid of unexpected situations. In addition, we also seek to turn threats into opportunities.

What does the future hold for ZyGen?

Our passion is to innovate to make business and life better. We have successfully introduced many solutions and innovations in recent years which have contributed towards this. We will continue to do our work. And as new businesses and business lines come up in 2019, we expect to offer more too.

Nowadays, digital workforce is very important to provide best-in-class consulting services and solutions. ZyGen does not provide only RPA solutions and service to the customers, but we also use RPA to help us discover new possibilities.

We are now using robots (software) who work alongside our human consultants to make our solutions and services even faster and more effective.


- In 2005, ZyGen became the First Thailand SAP Business One Partner

- In 2007, ZyGen was the SAP Channel Partner Outstanding Sales Performance (in recognition of revenue contribution and sales excellence in SAP Business One)

- In 2008, ZyGen was certified as SAP R3 Partner Service. It also got recognized for The Best Project: Best SAP ERP Upgrade Project ECC 6 at SAP Thailand Summit 2008

- In 2013, Certified SAP Mobility: SAP Certified Mobile App

- In 2017, NICE was recognized as a SAP Certified Integrated Solution

- In 2018, ZyGen was awarded “Top 10 SAP Solution Providers  2018 in Asia Pacific” by Asia Pacific CIO Outlook

“We help our clients in planning the business transformation strategy and roadmap. We also provide solutions that support digital transformation as well.”

“We are not afraid of thinking out-of-the-box and trying new things.”

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