Gen Z’s online habits opening new doors of Media and Entertainment

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Gen Z’s online habits opening new doors of Media and Entertainment

The online habits of teens and Gen Z are opening new doors and reshaping the media industry in many ways. While traditional entertainment is still relevant, the new web-based contents like social media, games, web series, etc., are becoming more and more popular.

The studies suggest that Gen Z members prefer to spend more time on video games and music while using social media. Apart from this, the recent pandemic has also pushed online media consumption as well as use of social media and gaming.

The consulting giant Deloitte has explained the shifts in its latest 15th annual Digital Media Trends Survey, which studies generations from Gen Z to the newborn in their consumption habits ofmovies, TV, videogames, social media, and music. The study has been tracking Millennials since they were teens,and some Gen Z members weren’t even born.

“They’ve grown up in a fully digital world,” said Deloitte vice chairman Kevin Westcott, who oversees the survey. “They grew up in a digital realm, parents had tablets and smartphones. They had the instant engagement you get out of games. They grew up playing spelling and math games and Oregon Trail. They grew up with a tablet in their hands.”

Gaming has become more and more popular in recent times than any other forms of entertainmanet. Moreover, the availability of mobile games and socially connected games have made the experience even more entertaining. Social media is shaping up to become a gateway to music, videos and gaming.


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