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Netflix expands its campaign against password sharing to more nations

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Netflix expands its campaign against password sharing to more nations

Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain are the additional four nations where Netflix is imposing restrictions on password sharing.

If customers in certain nations want to share their subscription with friends and relatives who don't reside with them, they must pay an additional cost. The measure, which will take effect in the UK by the end of March, comes in response to a crackdown on password sharing in South America.

 According to Netflix, 100 million people worldwide use shared accounts. Netflix's capacity to invest in new television content was being hampered by the loss of revenue from the shared accounts, the company claimed. It has stated that it intends to expand the new strategy to more nations in the upcoming months.

When it tweeted, "Love is sharing a password," in 2017, Netflix even seemed to be endorsing the behavior. However, increasing consumer subscription cancellations due to rising living expenses and increased competition in the streaming industry have forced Netflix to concentrate on increasing its revenue. The company claimed that enabling multiple household members to use the same account had "caused confusion" on when and how users might share.

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