PS4 Sales Have Skyrocketed During the Pandemic

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PS4 Sales Have Skyrocketed During the Pandemic

People have been cooped up at their homes for long times during the pandemic. Some have turned to leisure activities and rejuvenated their love for their hobbies while not working-from-home. Some have turned to gaming like never before. Sony in its Q1 2020 report has revealed that it has had a record quarter in sales during the pandemic.

Sony has reported that it has experienced an 83% increase in the 49.8 million sales in comparison to the same quarter last year. During the three month period, Sony has sold 91 million PS4 games leading up to the beginning of July.

The company has additionally reported that the PS Plus subscription service is up to 44.9 million subscribers now from 41.5 million in the last quarter. The company was able to sell 1.9 million PS4 consoles during this period which is half-a-million consoles more than the sales in the last quarter.

Sony said in its statement: “Although factors such as constraints due to employees working from home and restrictions on international travel remain, necessary measures are being taken and preparations are underway with the launch of the console scheduled for the 2020 holiday season.”

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