DuckDuckGo incorporates Tracker blocking tools


DuckDuckGo incorporates Tracker blocking tools

Online is not safe these days because sensitive information can easily be misapplied. Surprisingly, people are leaking their personal information voluntarily in social platforms like name, address, occupation which was once considered to be unorthodox. 

DuckDuckGo has championed privacy above all and the company announced that it will revitalize versions of its browser extensions and mobile application. DuckDuckGo privacy browser is already been downloaded million of times across myriad platforms.

The company’s browser extensions are added to Safari, Firefox and Chrome. DuckDuckGo was founded with a motif to protect privacy. Google knows what you want and also improves your user experience. But those who do not prefer Google, DuckDuckGo is the best solution for them.

Tracker blockers probably aren’t new to privacy-focused users, but they’re a great plus point to DuckDuckGo’s already-popular mobile web browser and extensions. Along with the tracker blocker, the search engine’s services have gotten smarter encryption and a private search feature, and both the desktop and mobile browser now show a Privacy Grade rating from A-F when you visit a website, with scores assigned based on the prevalence of hidden tracker networks, encryption availability, and website privacy practices.


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