The Essential Phone wears a New Look and has Built-in Alexa


The Essential Phone wears a New Look and has Built-in Alexa

Just when users were thinking of the limited color options in the Essential Phone, the company announced a new Halo Gray model. This particular model is exclusively available on Amazon and has Alexa pre-installed on it.

Apart from the color and in-built Alexa, the Halo Gray model costs lesser than the limited-edition versions of the PH-1. While the PH-1 was $499, the new model ships for $599. The Halo Gray model comes with a matte black ceramic rear and titanium trim. This makes the model not as pretentious as some of the models Essential revealed recently.

The Essential company said that the two finishes and colors that exemplified the materials in their best light. “The reason why we have the matte black on the back is that it doesn't fingerprint at all,” said Linda Jiang, head of Essential’s Industrial Design. “It has a super-nice, almost silky bone-like finish to it.”

It looks like the Essential phones are ready to move ahead with the new range of Halo Gray in the mix. The company also confirmed that it isn’t working on any new colors. However, the company is concentrating on crafting the next Essential phone. Currently, there aren’t any new details or specifications of the sequel to the current phone. 

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