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Discovering cities about to get better with Google Maps


Discovering cities about to get better with Google Maps

Till now, Google Maps was just about navigation but now Google has begun testing a new feature that allows mobile users to follow local guides in Google Maps to find facts and reviews about places. Google is planning to test this new feature in selected cities around the world like Osaka, Mexico City, New York City, Bangkok, and London.

Google introduced the Local Guides program in 2015 through which active members of Maps can earn status by contributing reviews and photos. Also, the guides write a more detailed review to help other users learn about the area better. Google rewards these guides in the form of certain perks like early access to new features, exclusive local meetups, free access to Google services and more.

Currently, Google is prepping for the launch of a pilot program that allows users in certain places to follow top local guides by clicking on the new “Follow” button on these users’ Maps profile page. By doing this you’ll be able to see the Guides’ recommendation whenever you use the Maps app in the “For You” section.

Google’s latest move is speculated by experts as a move against Facebook’s domination over discovering area businesses and keeping track of their news and events. Google also rolled out a “Follow” feature on its Maps app for businesses and allowed them to post pictures and update their profiles.

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