The 2020 iPhone will reveal not all OLED's are the same


The 2020 iPhone will reveal not all OLED's are the same

The upcoming iPhone models are said to have OLED panels and this may be one of the biggest reasons people will buy an iPhone next year. According to the company, three models are expected to release with the OLED screen technology. The OLED screens have a couple of advantages compared to LCD especially in terms of power consumption, contrast levels, and color saturation.

Samsung Display will be preparing OLED screens for Apple’s flagship iPhones next year that use on-cell touch flexible OLED panel. Rather than the touch layer being a separate one, applied as an independent film to the display, on-cell touch screens integrate their touch sensor inside of the panel. Samsung Display is already supplying its own Android mobiles with panels branded as Y-OCTA and is said to have been pushing the product to Apple by offering great deals.

One of the interesting facts about Y-OCTA panels is that they reduce the layers in the overall panel which makes the panel thinner and cheaper to produce. And this feature will probably entice Apple to make a deal with Samsung. Also, Apple is likely to offer 5G in its 2020 iPhones but these next-generation networks come with a huge power drain which will force the company to accommodate bigger batteries without making the phone larger which will be possible through the Samsungs OLED screens.

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