Microsoft releases tools for developers to develop dual screen apps


Microsoft releases tools for developers to develop dual screen apps

After introducing to the world its two dual screen devices back in October, Microsoft is now taking one more step to make both devices a practical reality. Surface Duo, powered by Android and Surface Neo, powered by Windows 10X are Microsoft’s two dual screen devices.

Microsoft has released tools and developer kit for developers to start developing apps for the dual screen devices. Along with the development of apps, developers are also expected to test them to see how they exactly look on both displays.

However, Microsoft has come up with its vision for dual screen apps and some of the expected app patterns. By default, an app will occupy single screen. But the real challenge lies in using both display screens for which the experiments will be carried out by developers.

The imaginary app patterns as envisioned by Microsoft include- simply using both screens as an extended canvas, two pages of a document displaying on both screens, using the second screen as a companion or dual view or the master part of an app being displayed on the first screen and the details on the second.

Apart from tool kit, Microsoft is also releasing Android emulator for Surface Duo for developers to test mobile apps. Windows 10X emulator for Surface Neo will be released next month.

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