Alexa The release of the iPhone 8/X might be delayed
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The release of the iPhone 8/X might be delayed


The release of the iPhone 8/X might be delayed

The launch of iPhone 8/X might get delayed for a while as the OLED technology is found difficult to crack.  The full screen OLED panel in the new iPhone eliminates the need for a physical home button and instead brings in a virtual home button, and the fingerprint technology.  The fingerprint is read through the OLED panels.

This Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) is made up of an emissive electroluminescent layer which reflects lights when electric current is passed through it.  OLED’s are generally used in the Digital displays. This can be a promising technology, which would be needed by all the smart phones in the near future.

Samsung, the tech opponent of Apple, is also planning to launch this OLED fingerprint technology in its new launch Galaxy Note 8.  But rumors points out that Apple is in a struggle to meet the deadlines for its new optic fingerprint sensor.  The latest reviews show that they do not possess the right technologies at hand now. If they have to cut short the technological advancements, they should completely rely on 3D technology or the 3D sensing, which has already proved to be not that big success.

With the right technologies at hand in the right time, the optic sensor technology can be a real success, a promising technology and of course yet another dynamic growth for iPhone brand.

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