Facebook adds video streaming feature to Spaces


Facebook adds video streaming feature to Spaces

Facebook has made fresh announcements pertaining to its virtual reality hangout app, Spaces. The new feature allows the users to bring in their own photos and videos into Spaces, as well as stream 360-degree video from within the app.

With this, users can share their virtual objects like photos and videos with their friends who do not have VR headsets. These virtual objects can be created on Facebook’s Oculus Medium sculpting platform or better known as Spaces.

Spaces first went live for the Oculus Rift headset in April. Facebook aimed to blend immersive aspects of VR with all the Facebook benefits in a social app. With this, friends can ‘hangout’ in VR as if they were right next to each other in real life.

New toys to play with

In addition to the video streaming, Facebook will also soon allow augmented reality objects in Spaces. These AR objects can be recorded with Facebook Camera and shared into Facebook Spaces so you can play with AR in VR. These posts can be further shared on News Feed from Facebook Camera.

Snapchat’s famous AR masks have also been cloned by Facebook and brought to VR that allows your Spaces avatar try on different masks with themes like animals. There’s a whole bunch more that Facebook is trying out! Facebook will surely make VR and AR as another interactive platform.


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