Vendor platforms are providing AIOps as a service to optimize networks

vendor platforms providing aiops service

We are in the digital era and network revolution is happening right now, along with that, the organizations are looking forward to making the right decisions to stay competitive. Rapid development is quite evident from advancements like WiFi-6, Edge computing, 5G, and SD-WAN which is altering the quality of life remarkably. It must be noted that any technology could be beneficial only if it is managed in a good way.

AIOps a term coined by Gartner is set to be the network genie for a significant period of time. AIOps is NetOps that is powered by AI and it is gaining traction because of a renewed interest in restructuring the way a network infrastructure is managed.

The excitement around AIOps is exploding across many enterprises and networks and it is difficult to predict why AIOps is trying to increase the bar of NetOps. The main aim if AIOps is to push the organizations to innovate their business side without worrying about the obstacles. Network automation along with intelligence will propel the response time, velocity, and readiness of a network. The costs incurred by the network can be reduced and optimized with AIOps. Most of the vendor platforms are already offering AIOps as a SaaS-based offering.