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Dell plans to reduce its workforce and fire roughly 6,650 employees


Dell plans to reduce its workforce and fire roughly 6,650 employees

Due to the reduction in the demand for personal computers, Dell will be laying off around 6,650 employees.

About 5% of its global staff is anticipated to be impacted by the job losses. In a memo, co-chief operating officer Jeff Clarke stated that the company's prior cost-cutting strategies were no longer sufficient due to the challenging market conditions and uncertain future.

In 2020, following the pandemic, Dell, a Round Rock, Texas-based company announced comparable layoffs. According to a corporate spokesman, the most recent department restructuring and employment losses provided a chance to increase efficiency. They regularly assess their operations to make sure the best framework is in place to offer partners and clients the most value and support.

According to a report released on Thursday, layoffs in the US reached a more than two-year high in January as the once-reliable technology sector eliminated positions at the second-fastest rate ever in order to prepare for a potential recession. As consumer and corporate spending declines amid high inflation and rising interest rates in the wake of the epidemic, companies like Google, Amazon, and Meta are now attempting to strike a balance between cost-cutting measures and the need to remain competitive.

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