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Business others autograph Collection, Marriott’s premium luxury hotels continues to grow

Autograph Collection, Marriott’s premium luxury hotels continues to grow


Autograph Collection, Marriott’s premium luxury hotels continues to grow

The luxury hotels by Marriott, Autograph Collection is set to open at least 40 new properties across North America alone.

The Marriott has a variety of luxury, premium and select hotels under its famous banner, one such independently functioning upper-upscale luxury hotel collections are the Autograph Collection. The hospitality company that started in the mid-2000s has now grown to become one of the well-known, distinctively independent global collections, which have been carefully crafted to create a unique and lasting impression on guests that pass through.

Presently, Marriott International has 248 Autograph Collection registered across the globe, it has prominently made its appearance in more than 45 countries. More than 50% of those current collections reside in North America with a whopping 148 sites. That leaves 71 operational hotels in Europe, followed with the Caribbean and Central America with 26 sites and the rest follow along with reducing numbers.

Marriott recently revealed that its collections, including the Autograph Collection, represented about 30% of their global conversion rooms signed in the year 2022. Through the THP data, it was reported that there were to be 40 more Autograph Collection projects in the lineup, totaling around 8,134 rooms. The majority of these projects will be new buildings, while the rest will include refurbishments, conversions and extensions.

Among the new projects, the one being anticipate the most is the former Otis Hotel being converted to an Autograph Collection, which will become the first of the soft luxury brand in the state of Texas.

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