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Tips to stay fit at home if you’re skipping the gym


Tips to stay fit at home if you’re skipping the gym

We all need to stay on top of our health and fitness, especially at the moment as more and more of us are indoors and the winter weather is setting in. It helps maintain our mental health, as well as our physical health. It can be easier said than done to stay on top of it at times, though.

Working out at home is becoming increasingly common, and it can be just as effective as going to the gym if done properly too. You’ll still feel the same feelings from a workout at home as you do from the gym, be it improved circulation, a dose of endorphins, feeling less stressed and, in time, a healthier immune system. There are distractions at home though, of course. A session on Amazon Prime might appeal more or maybe a few plays of Mega Moolah slots from SlotsHeaven, but if you establish a routine and stick to it then working out from home can be just as productive and, not to mention, enjoyable too.

To help you on your way to working out at home, here are a few helpful tips.

Get into a routine

We touched on it above, but establishing a routine is an important way of making sure that you stay on top of your home fitness. Schedule a block of time for when you want to workout and allocate a dedicated space in your home for you to carry out various exercises, be it stretches, press-ups or sit-ups. Perhaps consider signing up to a workout plan or a helpful app that will also give you further pointers around ground exercises and contribute towards establishing what will hopefully be a daily or weekly routine for you.

Work on new skills

Of course, not everything can be replicated at home. Gyms have a wide variety of equipment and an array of different weight machines and the like. Instead of feeling frustrated at not being able to replicate your usual routine, consider trying out new, home-friendly exercises instead. Perhaps work on balance and flexibility, for example. Not only will this enable you to maintain what you already have, but you’ll also become a better all-round trainer too, alongside having fun trying out new things and pushing your body to its limit.

Try a virtual class

Virtual classes have grown massively in recent times, which is why they’re a great thing to consider in terms of sprucing up your workout routine and giving yourself a bit of variety to your fitness schedule. The options are endless too, from yoga to pilates to hugely popular creations like Peloton. Peloton is a particular favourite at the moment, with the ability to get on an exercise bike and carry out an intense workout with a trainer giving you that extra push. At the same time, you watch along on a screen. It isn’t for everyone, though, but numerous other virtual classes might be.

Search for a buddy

Plenty of people go to the gym with a friend or a partner to push each other on and add to what feels like a real sense of community at times. That can still be replicated at home, be it over a Skype call with a friend who is working out at the same time or through a virtual home group workout together with a selection of work colleagues. Creating a sense of community will enable you to stay on top of your workout, while also combining with the people you know and love to give you that extra bit of motivation.

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