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Top 5 Trending Home Décor Ideas for 2020


Top 5 Trending Home Décor Ideas for 2020

Are you planning to update your home interior this year? Despite all the challenges the world has experienced this 2020, it is still the start of a new decade and can be the best time to make changes in your home. These top home décor ideas can help you with that. 

Top Home Décor Trends for 2020

These are the top trends to get inspired by if you want to give an updated look to your interior. Whether living in bungalow homes or in these awesome condos in Oshawa, or if you own an investment property, then you will have fun exploring these ideas for your home. 

1 - Vintage and Antique Accents

Vintage accents can immediately add sophistication to any interior.

Whether you have a massive vintage art collection or you want to bring the essence of old into your home interior, this trend is for you. The best thing about incorporating vintage and antique accents is that they add story and sophistication to your space. Their uniqueness also makes them great conversation starter pieces.

2 - Abstract Interiors

Consider incorporating abstract details into your home décor this year if vintage is not right up your alley. You can add a touch of bold geometric details, expressionist artwork, and color block décor to create a great mood and evoke emotions. 

3 – Nordic Retreat

This minimalist home décor trend has been growing in popularity over the past few years. But it will be bigger in 2020 as homes will focus on incorporating structured simplicity. The purpose of this décor style goes beyond aesthetics. The idea is to transform your living space into a calm, cozy, and chilled-out retreat.

4 – Nature-Inspired

Plants can give a boost to your interiors.

The use of ornamental plants for indoor spaces is nothing new. But expect a more dramatic shift in demand for use of plants for home décor this year. In particular, the use of olive trees creates a cozy yet sophisticated touch. This is the perfect design approach for homes with tropical architecture. If you can’t get hold of an olive plant, find any ornamental plant you like.

5 – Glamour Revival

You don’t need a luxury home as an excuse to try the glamour revival trend. Adding touches of gold and the metallic color palette is a great start. You can also incorporate elegance by investing in chairs and decorative lighting fixtures that exude sophistication. 

Each of these home décor ideas has a distinctive look to them. Find a style that best suits your preferences and have fun mixing and matching! 

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