Alexa Shopping has a new destination on Instagram's new app
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Shopping has a new destination on Instagram's new app


Shopping has a new destination on Instagram's new app

Say hello to a new shopping destination launched by Instagram. The new app developed by Instagram is going to be named as IG Shopping. Through this new app, you can browse through the collection of various products from merchants you follow and buy merchandise within the app itself. Dates of the launch haven’t been announced yet as the software app is still under construction.

Although some speculate that the entire project may be scrapped, it could still be Instagram’s big push into the retail world. The stats are all in favor of the new app, as there are nearly 25 million business accounts on Instagram. Moreover, four out of five users follow at least one business. So, if there’s a new shopping app, of course it would lure people to check it out!

The IG Shopping app could be a big hit among users and merchants alike. Already most of the merchants and business require an Instagram account for their marketing. If the sales keep up, surely, they would go for paid business tools if Instagram provided.

Moreover, this isn’t the first time Instagram is testing the waters for shopping. It has rolled out a feature where merchants can tag posts with their merchandise. Next, followers and users can check out these products and even shop directly from these photos. The dedicated app would be the next step towards enhancing the shopping experience.

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