M1X 16-Inch Macbook Pro Coming Soon With Significant Improvements


M1X 16-Inch Macbook Pro Coming Soon With Significant Improvements

Apple created a buzz in the tech industry after launching the MacBooks with an in-house designed M1 chip. Now in 2021, it will be releasing its next range of products, including the much-awaited M1X powered 16-inch MacBook Pro. It is expected to come with a Mini-LED display, which has been in development under Apple for years now. It will give crisper details and also greater battery life. The MacBook Pro will also have the newest standard USB4 ports on both sides and also carry a new design with Face ID.

The 16-inch may seem to be big, but it has become the new 15-inch, as Apple has managed to shrink down the bezels to fit in a more prominent display. The most significant change will be the inclusion of mini-LED instead of OLED. OLED has many issues like color shifting, burn-in, and PWM (which can cause headaches). The mini-LED uses thousands of tiny 200 micron LEDs grouped in local dimming zones that can technically provide better contrast and deeper blacks. It will also have a variable refresh rate and HDR support, which has become a must in the tech industry.

Apple always likes to stay ahead of its competition in radio technology; the intel chips restricted them from adopting cutting edge technologies. The in-house Apple M1 chip brought WiFi 6 to the Macbook. And now, Apple will include WiFi 6E support for the new MacBook Pro. The first-generation M1 Chip had 4 efficiency cores, 4 performance cores, 8 graphics cores, and 16 neural engine cores. And the upcoming M1X would have 8 performance cores. There are rumors that it can go up to 12 or even 16 cores and 16 graphics cores. The new MacBook Pro 2021 is expected to arrive in either the second or third quarter of the year.


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