Shopify launches new retail hardware to enhance in-store shopping


Shopify launches new retail hardware to enhance in-store shopping

The Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify has announced a new collection of retail hardware which will help its presence in the brick-and-mortar retail scene. The company has had years of experience building POS tools for brands, now they will leverage the use of their expertise through the new launches.

The new retail hardware collection released by Shopify includes The Shopify Tap & Chip Reader, Dock, and Retail Stand. These devices have been launched keeping merchants and customers in mind. The new launches will help Shopify raise the overall shopping experience.

The new Tap & Chip Reader has been released with a sleek new design will help shoppers pay quickly and securely through their payment-enabled phone or by inserting a debit/credit card. The device is also capable of connecting to Shopify POS. The Tap & Chip Reader has an additional Dock now which will also charge the Reader. “You can connect the Reader with the Dock for a traditional countertop checkout, or easily detach it to serve customers throughout your store.”

To enhance the countertop experience Shopify has also come with a new Retail Stand which sits next to the Reader Dock for a traditional checkout. But the tablet can be undocked easily. The Stand can also be tilted for customer service and extends power connectivity for the tablet so that it is always charged.

The new collection of hardware is now available in the U.S. for purchase.

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