BrainChip will be exhibited at Security and Counter Terrorism Expo


BrainChip will be exhibited at Security and Counter Terrorism Expo

BrainChip Holdings Ltd. is displaying Brainchip Studio and Accelerator at an expo namely Security and Counter Terrorism Expo (SCTX) 2018 which is held at Olympia London on 6th and 7th March.

BrainChip Holdings Ltd. is a leading provider of software and hardware-accelerated solutions for Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications.

Security and Counter Terrorism Expo (SCTX) is the UK's leading national security event for professionals tasked with protecting the business, national infrastructure, governments and nations against terrorism.

What is BrainChip Studio and Accelerator?

BrainChip Studio delivers high-speed object search and facial classification. This product is an AI- powered video analysis software suite and faces and objects are detected swiftly than a human operator. Even if there is low-resolution and low-light images, the software and hardware solutions will work with the present infrastructure.

BrainChip Accelerator is a computing plug-in (PCIe) card which is the first commercial hardware acceleration in the world for neuromorphic computing which is a type of artificial intelligence that models the human neuron. The product is beneficial to elevate the performance of BrainChip Studio and can at a time process up to 16 channels of video.

BrainChip has won two awards like The Milipol Innovation Awards and 2017 New Product of the Year for Video Analytics by Security Today Magazine.

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