brings in $5.4 million in seed funding

hunters ai raises 5 4 million

A promising security startup based in Tel Aviv,, has raised $5.4 million in seed funding. The round was led by YL Ventures and Blumberg Capital.

Security teams often rely on multiple tools to find and respond to threats. But despite the availability and the capabilities, these tools tend to fail sometimes. is pioneering autonomous threat hunting through its work. Although threat hunting has traditionally been a manual sport in the security communities, is developing new ways to automate the process.

The company is led by May Hunters and Tomer Kazaz. Further, the board of directors includes Ehud Schneerson and Ofer Schreiber among others.

As reported by VentureBeat, in a Red Team attack exercise with Snowflake Computing, Hunters was able to identify attack in minutes. Mario Duarte, vice president of Security at Snowflake Computing said: “If an attacker has credentials and access to a compromised company device, traditional monitoring systems cannot tell the difference from a legitimate employee and an attacker. But Hunters autonomous hunting technology did find it. In my 20 years in security, I have not seen anything as effective, fast and with high fidelity as what Hunters can do.”

The solution by is currently only available to select customers. The company is making it generally available later in the year.