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Logitech offers Security with Circle 2


Logitech offers Security with Circle 2

We live in the world of smart homes and smart everything. Just to accommodate security into this smart world, Logitech is rolling out a new camera device. This security camera comes with more than just a pair of lens. It comes as a packaged software where users can link cameras over a secure cloud connection and mounting them over glass, doors or windows or just about anywhere.

This new Logitech security camera is called Circle 2. Since almost all our devices are connected with each other, Circle 2 is no different. Here connected stands for connection with devices like Alexa, HomeKit and the like. It shouldn’t be a surprise in the world of smart everything!

Brief Day

There’s more. The camera comes with a software application and has some goodies stored in it. Instead of sitting through looking at the day’s events recorded on your camera, the app features ‘day brief’. Day brief compresses the entire day’s events into a couple of minutes. Moreover, you can simply skip to the part where something interesting took place.

It should be mentioned here that the speaker/microphone capabilities of Circle 2 is quite impeccable. The push-to-talk feature allows the user to communicate briefly with whomever they see through Logi Circle iOS/Android app.

Moving on to the video quality. Needless to say, it is solid! It has a 180 degree wide angle lens and an output video of 1080p HD. It comes along with an automatic night vision with a visibility up to 15 feet and lets the users see any moving object. So even if your kids sneak out at night, they’re going get busted!

Circle 2 costs about $200. And that is a little pricy when compared to other security devices available. Although Circle 2 comes as a bit expensive, it sure comes in handy.

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